Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poop on a Stick

Well the results are in. So far McCain is ahead in Missouri...but he's already lost. I just truly hope that Barak Obama is NOT true to his word. But I knew he was going to get into the office cause 1/2 the people who voted for him had no idea what the heck he stands for. (note the video above) Sorry for those of you who don't agree..but I did my part and I voted for McCain, so I have a right to complain. Everyone who didn't vote...or voted for Obama, sorry have no room to complain if....when this goes downhill.

These next four years are going to be tough. I say that because anyone with ANY opposing views with Obama doesn't stand a chance. He's got a congress FULL of Democrats. If he says "Jump!" they say "How high." Pretty much EVERYTHING Obama stands for, I'm against...especially partial birth abortion. I think the only good thing that he'll be able to accomplish as president, is that he IS the first black president of the United States. And that is already checked off the list. Like I said before....I really hope he is not true to his word. We're going to have a huge disaster on our hands and it will be his fault. It will take a year, and the troops will be out of Irac...then it's going to turn into total war. So lets just start the Impeachment Process and save us some heartache that we caused ourselves by voting him in the office.

Don't get me wrong...I'm greatfull for America, I'm greatfull that I can write this post, and not be hung for it. Freedom of Speech, The right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, Right to Privacy, Inocent until proven Guilty, Power to the People. That is the America I live in. The land I love. Although I do not agree with the majority of the nation who voted Obama in office, this day I am proud to live in this great land of Opportunity. I am proud that I had a chance to vote and make my voice heard. There is no place like America, and I shall always be greatful for it.
God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home!

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