Monday, November 3, 2008

What Tomorrow Will Bring

Ok...well I know it's hard to believe it, but tomorrow is Voting Day...So Don't Forget to VOTE! If you're thinking you may not want to vote, go back and read Womens Privilege one of my previous blog entries. Now I know it's easy to find stuff on the Presidential Candidates, but what about all the other things we will be voting on. Now you could just vote for your party all the way down the line...but wouldn't it be smarter to know what you're getting into? It's hard to find the right kind of sites, but here are the names of people we'll be voting on....yeah I didn't realize it was this big either.

(the link for Kenny hulshof describes the way he voted on issues...I was going to find a website like this for everyone...but I'd like to post this BEFORE the election is over. But you should be able to find a few other people on that site as well. Happy hunting!)
P.S. if I find more good sites in between now and tomorrow, I'll edit this post to include them.

For Governor:
Kenny Hulshof Republican
Jay Nixon Democrat
Andrew W. Finkenstadt Libertarian
Gregory E. Thompson Constitution

For Lieutenant Governor:
Peter Kinder Republican
Same Page Democrat
Teddy Fleck Libertarian
James C. Rensing Constitution

For Secretary of State:
MitchHubbard Republican
Robin Carnahan Democrat
Wes Upchurch Libertarian
Denise C. Neely Constitution

For State Treasurer:
Brad Lager Republican
Clint Zweifel Democrat
Rodney D. Farthing Constitution

For Attorney General:
Mike Gibbons Republican
Chris Koster Democrat

For US Representative:
Jacob Turk Republican
Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat

For State Senate:
Yvonne S. Wilson Democrat
Victor Callahan Democrat

For State Representative:
Mike Talboy Democrat
Beth Low Democrat
Lance Weber Libertarian
John Patrick Burnett Democrat
Kiki Curls Democrat
Jonas Hughes Democrat
Roman Lee LeBlanc Democrat
Jason Kander Democrat
Jonathon P. Main Republican
Jason R. Holsman Democrat
Kate Meiners Democrat
Will Kraus Republican
Joe Volpe Democrat
Tom McDonald Democrat
Michael R. Brown Democrat
Ray Salva Democrat
Gary E. Hisch Republican
Paul LeVota Democrat

For Prosecuting Attorney:
Jim Kanatzar Democrat

For Sheriff:
Ernie Griffin Republican
Mike Sharp Democrat

Remain Supreme Court Judge?
Patricia Breckenridge

Remain Circuit Judge?
Peggy S. McGraw
Ann Mesle
Michael W. Manners
John R. O'malley
Brian C. Wimes
Robert M. Schieber
John M. Torrence
Kelly J. Moorhouse

Remain Associate Circuit Judge?
Robert Beaird
Vernon E. Schoville
Robert L. Trout

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