Monday, July 13, 2009

It wont work with Gavin

So I took it on good authority that if you child is peeing their pants, after they've been poty trained, you give them a shower. Little kids generaly dont like water in their face, and they realize if they pee their pants they have to wash off, and eventually they'll stop.

Well mikey stoped peeing in his pants, but decided poop was ok. ICK. Then he got into Gavins crib and pulled off Gavins poopie diaper, and Gavin of course steped in it and it got all over the port-a-crib. Yeah...those mattresses aren't covered in plastic, I had to hose it off. GROSE!

I figured Mikey DEFINATLY needed a shower for pooping his pants, and then I thought, well...gavin is realy...uh...covered. So I put him in the shower as well. I was expecting to hear lots of complaints. But honestly I didnt. Mikey sat there and cried with his hands on his face standing in the water. So after he was rinced I put him in a towl and daddy got him dressed. Gavin, on the other hand, was LOVING the water. note the pictures above. And yes, those droplets of water are the shower running.


Thursday, July 9, 2009


So 2 days ago, we decided to let Paulas Cat run free in the house. Only rule, It cant come in MY ROOM. only mikey thinks he can just go in there anytime he wants, and he doesnt close the door. Long story short, couldn't find the cat. Knew it wasnt outside cause the doors were locked so the boys couldn't even get out.

We searched for anywhere from 20min to an hour for that cat. Checked every plausable place. and STILL NOTHING. Checked under the bed, ziltch. Under the couch, zippo. In the kitchen cabnets, nada. Then finally Mike checkes under the bed one last time.

Mocha had found a small 4inch hole inside the fabric under my box spring mattress. then proceded to streatch it as much as needed to fit her whole body inside, and rested nice and comfortable on the fabric stapeled to the bottem of my box spring. Oh yeah...peachy.

She isn't suposed to GO in my room, let alone IN my bed. so we tried to coax her out the tiney little whole in the bottem of my bed. Yeah not happening. So we tip the matteress up and cut the fabric to pull her out of the inside of my bed. she stayed in the office for a while after that one.