Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I have officially decided that a mother coined the term Good Grief. Because seriously, all I have gotten from my kids today is grief. Its not the older ones, its my three year old and eighteen month old. Shall I make a list of a few of the things they did? Unrolled the parents toilet paper all over my bedroom and bathroom while I was teaching math to my oldest. I say parents toilet paper because I expect them to do it in their bathroom so we buy low quality TP. But they got into the soft Charmin in my bathroom. While in the bathroom, they dumped my garbage can, and colored on the walls with one of my husbands good pens.

Then, because it is math day and I have to teach each kid a different thing, I ignore it because, that in itself isnt so bad. So I lock my bedroom door so they cant do it again or make it worse. Put my eighteen month old in his bed, and I head downstairs to do the lesson with my second oldest. I figured it was mostly R who made the mess, so putting him down for a nap would solve it. NOPE. While doing my lesson in the basement with A, my five year old and my three year old are in the kitchen. Yeah....I JUST went grocery shopping. They found one package of each different kind of cracker and opened them all. Then they woke up R and let him out of his room. So now all the spilled packages of crackers were now crunched packages. I heard Rs voice and knew they had gotten him out of bed, only to discover that him being woken up from a nap wasnt the worst thing to happen to my kitchen. There is not one inch of floor without some crumb pile on it. They also took my highchair, hid the cushions for it somewhere and flipped the thing upside down and were using it for a race car. Just as I begin to get them in trouble, the four month old girl wakes up. So I leave yet another mess unattended to. I had to change a poopy bum.

Mom is busy changing a bum, lets do more bad stuff. So someone moves around my furniture in my front room to make stepping stones. Pillows from couch, ottoman, piano bench, and rocking chair, all in a circle to include the couch and chair in the corner so they can run around the room without touching the floor. I get the boys in trouble and start making them clean it up and I hear a container pop open and lots of little somethings go flying across the floor. That container was a brand new thing of raisins. And while I was directing my older ones to clean up their mess, my baby boy got into the raisins and tried to open them resulting in the violent pop off of the lid and raisins ALL OVER my hallway. I go to put him in his room and then sit in my room for a good ten minutes. That was another mistake.

While sitting in my room collecting my thoughts, my three year old finds my modpodge and decides to dump it all over my livingroom floor. YAY. I just got that clean and told my three year old he has to be in bed. Is he? no. Should I be worried....yes. If you will excuse me, I'm probably going to make brownies for the third day in a row this week.