Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today has been so much fun! Stacey came up from springfield to see us all, and she brought birthday presents for the boys. While she was here the wienermobile was at our local grocery store! The cool thing was they unveiled the new weinermobile that's a mini!!! They just unveiled it in New York two weeks ago on GMA. This was the first event that it had been to. It was so cool so we had to get our picture in front of the mini. We got to go into the origional and Mikey thought it was fun. He kept pointing and saying "CAR!" It was so cute! They even had free wenie whistles! Xander loved it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tip for today

So I just got the coolest book called Haley's hints. I bought it off of for $5. It has over 2000 hints for everyday home use. I LOVE this book!!!! it has things from cooking tips, to cleaning tips, to storing tips, to things you should always keep in your toolbox. Here are some that I found rather interesting.

When on a picnic, to keep flies off your food, take a stick of mint gum and leave it open on your plate. Most insects HATE mint. This repels some mosquitoes as well.

Run a piece of waxed paper through the can-opening process to keep it operating smoothly. Works with manual can openers too.

Next time, clean your bathroom mirror by smearing shaving cream over the surface and then wiping it off well with a clean cloth. This will prevent fogging up from the steam for several weeks or until you next clean it. Also works well with you glasses to keep them from fogging up when you come inside.

to get water rings off wood, apply mayonnaise liberally over the water ring and leave overnight. Wipe off with a soft dry cloth the next day. That should do the trick.

Shine brass with Worcestershire Sauce!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

happy Birthday Xander

Well I officially have two 1 year olds...until mikey turns two April 6th. WEIRD! We went to a friends house on easter and played games and did a cake for Xander. He didn't quite get the whole "blow out the candle" thing, so daddy blew it out from behind Xander's head. It was really funny. Such a big boy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Am Legend

So I figured out why Mike doesn't like scary movies. He tends to bite peoples ears off when he's startled.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Justin's Deer

Oh my goodness! We made some of the BEST taco meat EVER! We cooked the whole gallon bag of meet, and boy was it worth it. Thanks guys for the meat it was so good! We just finished off the last of it today. We took some stewed tomatoes and cooked them down and cooked 2 large onions in their juices, then we added cumin, chili powder, salt, & pepper. Then we added the meat. And for a little more flavor we added 1/2 jar of medium salsa. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! And we ate it all within 3 days. DELICIOUS! Thanks again!

Monday, March 17, 2008

We got


Yeah so of all the stupid stuff that could have happened it had to be scheduling at work this week. So we had a ton of miscommunication this week and Mike's work said he could have Saturday off, but then he thought for some reason that we weren't going and they asked if he could work and he said yeah. I guess mike didn't think our trip down was this week. Anyhow, there are 2 guys that do mike's job. Corey and Mike. Well Corey is taking a weeks vacation so mike has to work through the whole weekend. Saturday & Sunday. So We'll probably just come down Thursday night and stay the night and be there Friday, until he has to leave for work. Anyhow it won't be as long as we had hoped, but I suppose a few hours in the morning is better than nothing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Visit to Mom's

Ok well what is the plan for Easter weekend? Mike starts spring break the Monday after Easter, but he still has to work that night. So we'll come down Friday night, and be there till Monday morning. The Xander boy is going to be 1 on Easter as well and I think we should do a strawberry shortcake? Well lets take a poll, what does everyone want? And we'll see what we can come up with. My cousin showed me this cake that you do like a jellyroll. Anyhow it's just a white cake, and then for the "jelly" you mix whipped cream and cream cheese together. Then you put that on top of the cake with strawberries and roll it. It was SSSOOO good. I was thinking I may do that. Any objections?

Let us know when everyone else is planning to be at mom's We love you all!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Mikey is such a sweet sweet little boy. Today he got me flowers. Right out of the fridge. Well...he thought they were flowers. He handed me a head of broccoli. :) it was so cute! He said, " Mom! Flowers!" In a high pitched squeaky voice and then handed them to me.

"Are these for me?!" He nods his head
"flowers" and hands them to me.

What a cutie!