Friday, June 25, 2010

typing with your pinkie taped to your ring finger

This is how I've felt since sunday. My awesomely wonderful camera happend to be one of the not so awesome ones. I bout it when the D5000's were first off the line. Well turns out the first batch randomly stops working. Even with a fully charged battery you cant do anything It wont even show you anything on the screen. LAME.

As far as typing without your little finger...ever tried it? it's possible...but it slows you down and you make a TON more mistakes. You really dont realize how much you use it until you try not to. And it's EXTREMELY hard to ignore the urges to use your pinkie. This is kinda how I feel without my Nikon. I have another camera that is no where CLOSE to it's equal. Just a little 8mp point and shoot. Not to mention I now no longer have a video camera because my Nikon is what we've been using. I've had really bad posture all shoulders have been shlumped more often than usual because I think "oh that would be fun to take pictures of!" Then I remember the only one I have is my old olympus. So I've been taking a lot less pictures than normal for me.

And, like having your fingers taped together, it's not the end of the world. And you'll get your pinkie back as soon as you take the tape off. In my case, as soon as Nikon fixes my camera. The main thing that stinks, I need to take Owen's 3 month pictures tomorrow, and Gavin's birthday is on Monday. Chances are the camera wont be back in time for either of those....considering I'm droping it off at the post office today. Looks like I'll just have to use my old one. But hey, thats why I kept it....for just-in-case situations like this

Monday, June 14, 2010

Workin it Out

so lately....I've been trying to get back into shape. And slowly...i'm getting there. The thing that I'm noticing the I have to be persistent. Thats really hard to do in a 40min work out when you're only 1/2 way through and your baby starts to cry...I happen to have 4 babies that are prone to crying or getting into trouble when I work out.

Turbo Jam. I am NOT one to buy stuff off of tv. Usually they end up being cheep, and then later you find it at Dollar General for 1/4 the price it was on tv. But I had seen the turbo jam commercials, and considered getting it...until I saw the price. NO ONE was going to get me to spend that much money on a DVD. NU UH! I have many other things I can do with that money....and I can set up my own work out and stick to it without paying ANYTHING. Luckily for me...I have a friend who thought she would like turbo jam. she used it for like a week...and then stopped. So now I have it. It's not meant to get you ripped...which I wouldnt want anyway...just to tone you up.

My main reasons for wanting to work out.

1. Having more energy to play with my kiddos. I'm always getting tired after just a few minutes of rough play.

2. I want my toned body back. Before I was married I was consistently active, now I'm active...just not in the same way.

3. I need a stress reliever. And dancing or working out is a REALLY good way to do that. It helps a TON. Even on the days I dont want to work out, I still do anyway and I'm ALWAYS glad I pulled through.

4. I found this pair of pants at a thrift store. And they look EXACTLY like one of my favorite pairs of pants from Highschool. and they're the same size. (these pants were loose on me then, I just want them to fit now) and boy are they awesome pants! I'll get a picture of them as soon as they fit me.

So here goes EVERYTHING. Trying to work out with kids is rough, but I've been doing it for 3 weeks now, and I've only missed 3 days. I really want to wear those pants on my anniversary in July. And by golly...I'm gonna do it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Xander & Owen

each of these pictures was taken just after the boy were 2 months old. I think the only difference is that Owens face is SLIGHTLY rounder in the cheeks...and he has a bit of a dimple. Who knew we'd get two of them to look so much alike.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting ready for Travel

So I decided to go to the store and get some sandwich stuff and some fruit for our trip to MO tomorrow. Just a few things we can eat in the car. I ended up buying Bananas, apples, kiwi, strawberries, and...a honeydew.

I'm not entirely sure why I got the honeydew. I'm not really a mellon fan. Mike is, but the last time we had watermellon, the boys didnt eat it. At any rate, I had a few things that needed to be cut up so we could eat them in the car. So As I'm cutting up this honeydew. I get half way done with it and notice the only noise I hear is Ninja turtles, & Owen crying. And it was just a "someone hold me!" cry, so I knew the boys werent picking on him (not to mention it was missing the maniacal laughter from mikey). I go in the living room only to find the front door wide open and my oldest 3 children missing. I go outside, and Gavin and Xander are right by the road, and mikey is no where to be seen. So I heard my 2 children that I can find inside, and then yell mikey's name. I hear this little voice coming from the bathroom, "but mom I didnt do it, I'm just on the potty!" hahahaha! I dont know if he opened the front door and decided he needed to go potty, or if he really didnt do it and his little brothers just ran outside. Personally, I believed him. his little brothers have a habit of going outside when they're not supposed to. And...he always spends WAY to much time in the bathroom.

As for the rest of today, Mike is at the Dr.'s office getting a prescription for this chest cough he's had for a week now. and then he has to go straight to work. So I get to go to walmart and fill his prescription with 4 children in tow. Yeah I'm TOTALLY looking forward to that :S. But hey on the bright side, they wont be making messes in the house.

Then I need to get my kitchen cleaned, so I dont have anything growing in it while I'm gone. Then I"ll pack up my car, set my alarm for 3am, and go to sleep. Once 3 hits, I'll feed the baby, get all the kids & food in the car, and by the time thats done, Mike should be pulling in the driveway.

Then off we head to MO, Mike will drive probably from 3-7ish, and then we'll switch and I'll drive the rest of the way. Well thats the plan. But then again...have you met us?