Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mikey finds the camera.

Well...when I went to go post some pictures..I found these on my camera. Yeah..I'm guessing mikey kinda figured out how to use it. So here is my child genius. He is going to be the worlds best photographer someday. (Hey...everyone's gotta start somewhere right?)

Another eyeball shot.

This one I'm not particularly fond of...but it's his first picture of something else besides his finger or his eye. Good job mikey.

Gavin's Many Faces

This is my favorite picture. This is Gavin at one month. What a cutie!

"Mom can we be done yet?" (yawn)

"I thought we were going to be done"

"Please don't"

"OH OH! I know what the next picture should be!"

"Oh just a's got to stretch."

"Spit...all that stretching made me forget what I was gonna do.:


And... we're over it.

"Is it just me...or does something stink..."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Aleve!

hehehe It's supposed to be alive...but in this case...I think I kinda need the Aleve. Don't get me wrong...I love my kids...but good grief sometimes life is just painful.

"LIFE IS PAIN HIGHNESS! Anyone who says different is selling something."

Mikey is just like his dad...random bloody noses for no reason. He keeps getting them and I have to constantly wash his sheets and pillow/case. Xander, poor boy, can't stop scratching. I've started buying cortazone ten to keep on his skin. And if we can keep his skin a little softer than sandpaper...he'll do something like crawl in the grass outside or scratch his skin...and then he bleeds. It's really sad. lucky to be alive. His brothers love him to death. Mikey is always trying to make him warmer by putting pillows on his face. a general rule...mikey & Gavin are never in the room alone together. The worst thing Xander would do is "hug" him. I have hug in quotations cause it's more of a...lay on top of him...type thing. Those boys just LOVE baby.

Life is difficult...the boys have now started hiding things from me. Well not necessarily hiding them...they just tend to pick up important things and put them elsewhere. Like my keys...or pens, or the remotes, or the clearplay usb cable, or the worst...gavins pacifier. I would die if I actually did lose that. 2 things this house would die without. Gavin's pacifier...and his swing. He'll sleep in his swing for up to 4 hours during the day. (give you one guess as to where he is right now..) And when he gets to sleep in his swing...I actually can do things...if the other two boys happen to be taking their naps (give you one guess as to where they are right now). So for the moment I have some time to myself...but instead of cleaning my house like I should...I'm bloging. meah whatever.

Oh good news! We have harvested our first vegetables out of our garden! Now now...say it right only accent the third syllable. Now say each sylliable in a different tone, ve-JI-tah-BULLS. hehehe

I'll post some pictures soon. The tomatoes have started becoming really ripe. but the thing that we're getting the most of is jalapeƱos. If anyone knows any good recipes let me know. These things are HOT! but if you take out all the ribs and the seeds...then they're just the right amount of kick. I'm going to make jambalaya this week. YUMMY! We made spaghetti on Sunday with fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes too. DELICIOUS! It was truly the BEST spaghetti I've ever had. Everything is growing so much! And it's really fun to cook with garden fresh food. We're hoping to get some fresh bell peppers tonight! WAHOO!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

On My Own

Well this is it. Mom left this morning and I'm home by myself. I'm amazed I found time to get on the computer. But the boys are all sleeping...well Gavin is just being quiet...but Mikey and Xander are both asleep. It's been rainy all day so their room is really dark. So nice. They're all really good boys.

Well it was hard to see mom drive away. I won't be seeing her till September when we bless Gavin. The boys were pretty sad to see Grandma and Aunt Lilly go as well. Aunt Lilly did a whole lot for us while she was here. Even though she's the youngest of us kids, she's no baby. She was really good at holding Gavin and keeping Mikey and Xander out of trouble. THANKS LIL! But she also discovered that 2 year olds are not good conversationalists.

Lilly: "Mikey...whats your favorite color?"
Mikey: "Yeah!"
L: "Whats your favorite color?"
M: "Yeah!"
L: (slower, maybe he didn't understand her) "Mikey...whats...your...favorite color?"
M: "Uh hu!"
L: (trying a different tactic) "Your favorite color Blue?"
M: (nothing)
L: "Your favorite color BLUE?"
M: (nothing)

Finally she gave up asking him questions. They did have a lot of fun playing together. We'll all miss having Grandma and Aunt Lilly around.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting to know you.

Well I've been meaning to get these posted for a while...I've just been a little...busy. These boys really love their brother, and Xander has to see him EVERY morning. Mikey calls him "Gawin" and Xander calls him "BE BE!!" It's pretty cute.

I love this picture. I didn't think mikey was really interested in his new brother at first...but he really dose love him. Every time I'm feeding Gavin mikey brings him all of his toys, "Here Gawin!" and they all get piled on top of me.

And then there are these pictures of the boys together on the floor. Gavin has some jaundice so we let him sunbathe a lot! And since he's on the floor no.1 and no.2 decide that it's a good time to join him.

And here is our sweet baby. I just really like this picture. What a cutie patoot!

And here is Daddy with the new boy. Mike is such a cute daddy to watch. He love his kiddos so much...and it shows.

Monday, July 7, 2008


We parked outside of worlds of fun and watched their fireworks for the 4th. It was way fun. The first picture is actually not part of the WOF fireworks display. The people sitting behind us brought their own fireworks and were shooting them off. There were a lot of people shooting fireworks. was a little dangerous...but it was fun cause we were watching fireworks for almost a half hour before the display even started. It's crazy to think that for how long fireworks have been around, people still stop to watch them. They're still amazing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

4 Days

Here's our Gavin. He's a very alert little dude. He loves to look at things. And it's fun to just sit with him. Gavin was asleep when daddy got home last night so I went and got us a redbox movie. When I came back Gavin was on the couch instead of his crib in our room. I asked mike if he woke up and he just said, "Nope I just wanted him with me." Michael is such a good daddy. It's so fun to watch him come home from work and one of the first things he does is come and talk to his little boy.

And how is Caroline doing? Or better are her parents? I hope you guys are feeling well. The first week kinda bites, but it does get better! I hope to see some more pictures of your new baby soon!