Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Yeah so since we moved right after Xander was born we had some complications with Medicaid. Well I got it taken care of in January right? WRONG! I get a stupid notice in the mail that says I owe the hospital $2,400 and if I don't pay it in 10 days, I'll have a lawsuit filed against me! YARG! I already dealt with this! So now since I just opened my mail at 5:30, all the offices I need to talk to are closed. I get to spend all of tomorrow on the FREAKEN PHONE!

Please excuse this post. Marisa has no one to vent to right now. Everyone is busy...and she doesn't have enough long distance for how much venting she wants to do. (breath child....breath)

Monday, April 28, 2008

4th of July

I know it's early to be talking about the 4th of July, but Analla has mentioned everyone and anyone coming to our house. I thought that would be wonderful but I forgot about my family reunion that same day in Tennessee. So I would love to invite everyone over but I'm not sure you want to be here with out us, how much fun would that be? :) By the way ony 3 more weeks of school and then I'll have a life!!!!-- We should get together and take all the compton boys to the zoo.

Garden Time

I'm so excited. We finally got our garden planted and wouldn't you know tonight there is a frost advisory. So now only two days after planting I will be covering them up with sheets hoping that they survive the night. When we do get a harvest we will be sure to share. Have you figured out what you are going to do about a car when the third gets here? We keep think about you all and just wondered what the thought was.

Penguin Park

Well yesterday was such a nice Sunday that we decided the boys should spend some time with daddy. So we went to Penguin Park. It was really too crowded so we decided to walk some of the trails in the woods instead. We discoverd a whole new side to penguin park that we though was WAY better than the playground. There are woods and a large pond area where you can fish and feed geese. And boy, when those geese see you coming they know they're going to get fed.

The boys swinging together.Mikey on a rocking duck.
They have little statues of different kinds of animals. They liked the elephants best.
Daddy and Xander. Every time I grab the camera Mike has to roll his eyes. He'll thank me later though.
I was a little scared that this goose was getting to bold, but Mikey loved it. It kept eating right out of his had.
This doesn't even begin to show how many geese were there. It really was nice just to sit and enjoy the scenery.
We did have a wonderful walk too. We stayed at the equipment for about 5 min then we stayed with the geese and went for a walk. They even had a bench swing out by the pond. It wasn't crowded at all. Just a nice peaceful walk on a Sunday afternoon with the family. Xander even walked for a little bit. I wish we could have had a picture. It was Daddy holding Xander's hand. Xander holding Mom's hand, & Mom holding Mikey's hand. Just walking slowly on the trail. It was really nice.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Changing Diapers.

While I was on the phone, Xander found out that I had the gate up in my room and was crying uncontrollably (like normal). So like normal I get off the phone to go pay attention to my boys. Xander was wearing a onzie and like normal it was unbuttoned. When I went to give my poor crying baby a hug however...I noticed he had a bear bum. NOT NORMAL. Then I hear Mikey just around the corner, "I naked!"

He pops his head around the corner and unlike his brother, who at least had a shirt on, he was completely in the buff. And Mikey told me himself that he changed a "poop diapie." I look on the floor and sure enough him and Xander both had poopie diapers. Note the past tense HAD.

WARNING: This next paragraph may be disturbing.

The poo had fallen out of both of their diapers and I found it in my hallway. Then there was another little "gift" in the boys room next to Xander's diaper that Mikey had so graciously disrobed from him. Yes yes...both my children were Nakey and it was my oldest child's doing.

Now for those of you who have previously said, "her boys are too sweet. That can't get into that much trouble." Or, "I think their mommy just likes to set them up in poses so she can take pictures and make them look mischievous." to you I say....WHY!?!? why would anyone inflict this on themselves...then again..I guess I did do it intentionally. Heck I'm the one who wanted a family. I may as well have pooed on the floor myself. It's not like I didn't know this was going to happen eventually. I did grow up with Joseph. :D (love ya joe)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Today I was in my room checking my e-mail. I have scrapbook stuff all over my floor so I put the gate up so the boys couldn't get in. When Mikey came back to get me and noticed the gate was up, he fell apart. So I climbed over the gate to give him a hug and said, "Did I break your little heart" And he looks up at me with great big crocodile tears and says, "I bokin."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rissy's Own

Well we've had this moniter sitting in our house for a while now....ever since mike bought him a new one. I had no idea why we were keeping it. I guess just cause it was a good moniter. Well yesterday Mike walks in the door from school and guess what he's carrying? A tower. Yeah thats right I have a computer of my own now. Now I can check recipies on the interent without having to leave my children to terrorize the house. His school was just getting rid of old computers. And when he go home from work, he had a keyboard with him. So I ran to target and got myself a $6 mouse...and now I have a computer for the internet.

At the moment I'm running on windows 98...yeah WOW. But it works for the internet...the pictures on the blog look ENTIRELY way to grainy...but thats just cause the video card is WAY outdated. But never the less. I have my own computer. YAY!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Count your blessings (though gritted teeth)

Well today was a nice day well it was cool anyway. I had the windows open and had a wonderful breeze going through the house. Then it started to rain. I love the rain. I was sitting at the piano and just as I was thinking how much I love hearing rain I hear a rip. I look in the kitchen and found Mikey's hand through the window screen. Apparently he was so memorized by the rain he wanted to touch it... so rrrrriiippp, his little fingers went right through my window. And he just let his fingers touch the rain. So at that moment a song goes through my head...or at least a little bit of it did, "when you are discouraged thinking all is lost, count your many blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the lord has done."

So all in all I'm glad Little Mikey was memorized by the rain and not by a light socket.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Blog

Ok guys...I'm kinda feeling like the lone ranger out here. Even if you don't feel like you've done anything WRITE SOMETHING! You don't have to have a picture just let me know how you're doing. I feel so out of the loop. The point of the blog is to keep everyone connected...not for everyone to keep tabs on Marisa & Mike.

I know Dawn and Analla get on cause I talked to Dad yesterday and he said that you guys read the blog...but notice the title is Compton's World. In other words...if you are a Compton in any way shape or form...START POSTING PLEASE!

So Let it be written
so let it be Done!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daddy Skips School

Well today Daddy just got fed up with waking up in the he skipped school today to play with his boys. We went to the park and flew a kite and played on the equipment. It was wonderful just to be together. This first picture is one of my favorites. Mikey had so much fun with daddy today.
Daddy and Mikey.

Mommy and the boys. Mom didn't look really good today...but I'm tired of not having any pictures of me with my kids.

This picture makes me laugh. So typical. All Xander wanted today was mom to hold him.

Such wonderful kids. Every time mikey would slide down the slid he'd have to give Xander a hug. I tried to catch it on camera a few times and this is the only one I got. But it's so cute! (I'll post more pictures on Facebook for those of you who have it.)

What a fun day!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well today has been a good day. The weather warmed up to mid fifties, and I found some more clothes in the boys closet that they can wear. All in all, a rather enjoyable day. But alas...I'm still alone.

We went for a walk for FHE and the boys absolutely loved it. I didn't take the stroller, I just let Mikey walk just about where ever he wanted to around the complex. And he had a hay-day just walking through the grass without having to hold moms hand. We get home, have some dinner, say prayers, and go to bed. And's 9:20, and my poor hubbie is still at work. (sniff...tear...) And I only sent him with "1/2" portion of food today, so he's starving...and still at work.

So "smart" Rissy got on the internet instead of cleaning the house, or making some food for her hard working husband. Ever notice when you're alone, you don't want to do any chores, or anything your supposed to do? But then again...when you husband finally gets home, you don't want to do anything either cause he's finally home and you want to spend time together.

Alright I guess I'll go be productive...shesh.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why does my Husband let me shop?

ok so aparently I can't get away from clearance items. And if it's just a REALLY good know I'm going to get it. And if I'm shopping by my self, you know I'm going to look in the clearance racks...and I'll probably find something...and most likely get it.

Now now...don't get me wrong, I do have self control when needed, but when things get even lower than 1/2 self control button seams to disapear almost entirly.

Yesterday I ran out of moose, so I straightened my hair. When Mike got home, I had to run to target to return 2 items. I told him I wouldn't be long, and away I went. The moment I stepped into the store...DOWN POUR. You guessed it RAIN. There was NO way I was going to go back out into the rain to get to my car. My hair took me to long to do to just have it ruined by some stupid rain! So what was there to do in target? SHOP! and while shopping where do you look? CLEARANCE! Long story short, I bought me a new shirt.

But still not the end of my story. Today...while at Aldi, as I walked down their random know where they sell anything from table lamps, or digital cameras, to kids umbrellas and sports wraps...I came across a paper cutter that I really wanted. Only last time I went to Aldi, it was $25. Today it was $10!!!! Talk about awesome. So all in all I ended up spending $80 on groceries...only 10 was for the paper cutter. Only I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO SPEND MONEY!

Curse me for wanting things.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Have you Ever...

  • been stranded with 2 boys ages 1 & 2?
  • walked into your room hoping to relax and find your son coloring EVERYTHING with a permanent marker?
  • tried to do something special for your kids, only to find that they did something special for you...all over the floor?
  • just locked your kids in their room so you could hear yourself think?
  • tried to have a conversation with someone who's vocabulary is VERY limited "momma, Dada, no no no no"
  • become so worn out that you fall asleep on the couch without putting your kids to bed?
  • wake up with your older son wrestling your 1 year old?
  • played horsey for 3 hours straight?
  • FINALLY get your laundry done, only to have both kids throw up and create a bigger mess than when you started?
  • bought take out just cause you didn't want to mess up your kitchen that finally got clean?
  • stayed in bed pretending to no hear your children begging to get out of bed?
  • tried to eat a whole meal by your self when you have two vultures waiting on each side?
  • been humming a catchy tune only to realize it's from the last kids show you watched.
  • been grateful for something to do during the day? (seriously what would I do if I didn't have kids?)
  • sat on the floor minding your own business, then a child comes up and smothers you with kisses and hugs?
  • been kissed by your sons plastic dinosaur?
  • Have to kiss a teddy bear goodnight because your son said so?
  • realized that you love you husband more because you have children?
  • stopped listing to the radio just to enjoy the quiet? (you learn to appreciate it more)
  • sat with your husband watching your kids play together and decide, this is what life is about?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference Sunday

Well yesterday was Mikey's birthday. But we didn't do anything but watch conference. Which was WONDERFUL. It was nice to just sit and enjoy, we had the boys in their room the whole time conference was on. We just watched it on the internet and it was wonderful. After conference was over we decided it was time to pay attention to the boys and it was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to go play. The boys absolutely Loved it!

We didn't get a real good picture of the boys playing together, but they sure had fun!
Xander just loved chasing that ball around.
Mikey wasn't at all interested in taking a picture with mommy. He just wanted to play with Dad.

Notice his face. Both Daddy and Mikey had a lot of fun.
They don't get to play together very often so this was a real treat.

Daddy kept bouncing the ball off of Mikey's head. He thought that was so funny!

And Xander was just happy to be outside.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well today has been...interesting. We went to the doctor today and he did another ultrasound. he got this befuddeled look on his face and said. you see that right there (points to the screan), thats another leg. Aparently. We're going to have 2 boys!

just kidding
April FOOL