Monday, April 28, 2008

Penguin Park

Well yesterday was such a nice Sunday that we decided the boys should spend some time with daddy. So we went to Penguin Park. It was really too crowded so we decided to walk some of the trails in the woods instead. We discoverd a whole new side to penguin park that we though was WAY better than the playground. There are woods and a large pond area where you can fish and feed geese. And boy, when those geese see you coming they know they're going to get fed.

The boys swinging together.Mikey on a rocking duck.
They have little statues of different kinds of animals. They liked the elephants best.
Daddy and Xander. Every time I grab the camera Mike has to roll his eyes. He'll thank me later though.
I was a little scared that this goose was getting to bold, but Mikey loved it. It kept eating right out of his had.
This doesn't even begin to show how many geese were there. It really was nice just to sit and enjoy the scenery.
We did have a wonderful walk too. We stayed at the equipment for about 5 min then we stayed with the geese and went for a walk. They even had a bench swing out by the pond. It wasn't crowded at all. Just a nice peaceful walk on a Sunday afternoon with the family. Xander even walked for a little bit. I wish we could have had a picture. It was Daddy holding Xander's hand. Xander holding Mom's hand, & Mom holding Mikey's hand. Just walking slowly on the trail. It was really nice.

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