Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daddy Skips School

Well today Daddy just got fed up with waking up in the morning...so he skipped school today to play with his boys. We went to the park and flew a kite and played on the equipment. It was wonderful just to be together. This first picture is one of my favorites. Mikey had so much fun with daddy today.
Daddy and Mikey.

Mommy and the boys. Mom didn't look really good today...but I'm tired of not having any pictures of me with my kids.

This picture makes me laugh. So typical. All Xander wanted today was mom to hold him.

Such wonderful kids. Every time mikey would slide down the slid he'd have to give Xander a hug. I tried to catch it on camera a few times and this is the only one I got. But it's so cute! (I'll post more pictures on Facebook for those of you who have it.)

What a fun day!

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