Saturday, April 26, 2008

Changing Diapers.

While I was on the phone, Xander found out that I had the gate up in my room and was crying uncontrollably (like normal). So like normal I get off the phone to go pay attention to my boys. Xander was wearing a onzie and like normal it was unbuttoned. When I went to give my poor crying baby a hug however...I noticed he had a bear bum. NOT NORMAL. Then I hear Mikey just around the corner, "I naked!"

He pops his head around the corner and unlike his brother, who at least had a shirt on, he was completely in the buff. And Mikey told me himself that he changed a "poop diapie." I look on the floor and sure enough him and Xander both had poopie diapers. Note the past tense HAD.

WARNING: This next paragraph may be disturbing.

The poo had fallen out of both of their diapers and I found it in my hallway. Then there was another little "gift" in the boys room next to Xander's diaper that Mikey had so graciously disrobed from him. Yes yes...both my children were Nakey and it was my oldest child's doing.

Now for those of you who have previously said, "her boys are too sweet. That can't get into that much trouble." Or, "I think their mommy just likes to set them up in poses so she can take pictures and make them look mischievous." to you I say....WHY!?!? why would anyone inflict this on themselves...then again..I guess I did do it intentionally. Heck I'm the one who wanted a family. I may as well have pooed on the floor myself. It's not like I didn't know this was going to happen eventually. I did grow up with Joseph. :D (love ya joe)

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