Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Have you Ever...

  • been stranded with 2 boys ages 1 & 2?
  • walked into your room hoping to relax and find your son coloring EVERYTHING with a permanent marker?
  • tried to do something special for your kids, only to find that they did something special for you...all over the floor?
  • just locked your kids in their room so you could hear yourself think?
  • tried to have a conversation with someone who's vocabulary is VERY limited "momma, Dada, no no no no"
  • become so worn out that you fall asleep on the couch without putting your kids to bed?
  • wake up with your older son wrestling your 1 year old?
  • played horsey for 3 hours straight?
  • FINALLY get your laundry done, only to have both kids throw up and create a bigger mess than when you started?
  • bought take out just cause you didn't want to mess up your kitchen that finally got clean?
  • stayed in bed pretending to no hear your children begging to get out of bed?
  • tried to eat a whole meal by your self when you have two vultures waiting on each side?
  • been humming a catchy tune only to realize it's from the last kids show you watched.
  • been grateful for something to do during the day? (seriously what would I do if I didn't have kids?)
  • sat on the floor minding your own business, then a child comes up and smothers you with kisses and hugs?
  • been kissed by your sons plastic dinosaur?
  • Have to kiss a teddy bear goodnight because your son said so?
  • realized that you love you husband more because you have children?
  • stopped listing to the radio just to enjoy the quiet? (you learn to appreciate it more)
  • sat with your husband watching your kids play together and decide, this is what life is about?

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