Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mom to the Rescue

yesterday mikey ran into my room crying. I turn to look at him and he's got a large pair of pliers laying on his head. After further inspection I came to realize that th reason why he was crying was he had closed the pliers on some of his hair and couldn't get them to open again. He was pretty histaric, "MoM! pleAsE HElp! mOM!" So I opened the pliers and kissed his head where they had been. Then with tears in his eyes, mikey looks at me and says, "dant cho...(snif)...Much"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing outside

sorry most of these are so far away. But little boys are kinda hard to catch. I've only got digital zoom on my camera and that just makes the pictures look grainy.

These are the same day the F18 was flying over our apartment. The airshow was that day and we had a whole lot of jets fly over our house.

I was a lot more fun last year when we actually bought tickets and got a babysitter...but we didn't spend any money having them fly over our house so that was okay too.I think gavin was the only one who didn't get scared when the jets flew by. He was just chilaxin in the sunshine.

Sunday really was the perfect day (aparently something is funny cause Gavin just made the CUTEST laugh...and he's sleeping in the swing. Silly boy) There was a slight breeze and it wasn't even hot. It was honestly PERFECT.
Well minus one thing. Mike was at work. Yep he got called in on a sunday. That always stinks. And it was last minute too so he just had to take the car and leave. Sad day.
You know what else stinks? You see that fun little slide? Well every time we want to get it out...we have to hoist it over our "porch" railing. And we ALWAYS have to put it back when were done...unless we want the neighbor kids to ruin it.
I can't wait to see where we'll be when mike graduates. I'm so ready to get into a house.

F18 in my Backyard

Ok so it doesn't look very impresive...but if you zoom in on that circle you can see the F18 and a little airplane flying side by side. In real life they looked a WHOLE lot closer than on the picture. And boy were they loud. The boys and I were playing outside and they flew over our house. And I thought they got scared when I turned on the vacuum HA! You shoulda seen their faces! (Am I cruel cause I thought it was funny?)

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Blog element

Ok everyone. I have added a new element to my blog. Please take note as it may help you. These are the coolest websites I've ever stumbled upon. If you're bored take some time and look through them. They're pretty cool. There is stuff from sharing files privately to DIY projects that ANYONE could do and still make it look good. Enjoy! I'll be adding things periodically to the list...and modifying it. (speaking of modifying...if you look at one site....look at the one that says modify your electronics. You can turn an old game controller into an I pod!)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home Decor

Well I've been looking online for something I could do for mike for his birthday this year. last year we went to the Aviation Expo...but that just so happens to be today and tomorrow...and well...we didn't get tickets. It was a surprise last year for him, so now I've got to do something else. Anyhow...I have a few ideas but I thought I'd check on the internet. And this is one of the coolest things I've stumbled across yet!

They have home decor made out of old Airplane parts! Some of the stuff is just "plane" but a lot of it is kinda cool looking. They have a desk made out of a bomber wing. And that is so stinkin cool! Anyhow I Thought it was neat.

Friday, August 22, 2008

not a joke

Knock Knock

who's there?


bengay who?

Hallmark bengay thats who.

Yep it's official, hallmark has cards for all walks of life. This week they just released 4 "wedding" cards for gay marriages. I never really bought hallmark cards. They've always been expensive, and I find it more enjoyable to make cards anyway. Now when I buy a card I've got to make sure it's not insinuating anything. It's really sad how far downhill society has come.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hee hee I'm sneaky!

So last night I couldn't sleep. I didn't have any eyes just didn't want to close. So instead of just laying there I decided to get up and do something. I got up and got a drink...and saw the markers laying on the counter. Then guess what I decided to do. I wrote a message on the shower wall! I'm so clever! That way when Mike got up in the morning to shower..he would know his wife loved him. He said it made his day the best! He also said that I wrote it on the one wall he doesn't look at. He saw it in the middle of his shower and said it scared him. hehehe silly hubbie.

Monday, August 11, 2008

my kind of day

Saturday I was going to post...but I didn't so I'll tell you my story now. When I get fed up...I go and drink a glass of chocolate milk. Only on Saturday I could have drank a whole gallon of chocolate milk. The boys were getting into everything...including their diapers (ICK!!!). So needless to say every time I'd get started cleaning up one of their messes...they'd make another one. I had a glass of chocolate milk that I had made and only drank 1/2 of it cause I got distracted cause the boys had made another mess...and I never got around to drinking it. Then Mike got home and we talk for a while. I had just put the boys in bed. Then as Mike is talking to me I look over at the glass of chocolate milk. I had forgotten. Well it was still good....and I certinaly didn't want it to go bad. So I started chugging what was left. As I'm drinking Mike decides to ask me to drive to our shared myself...and go cut some basil and make him so tomato basil pasta. I had just finally gotten the house to be quiet and he wanted me to go make him some PASTA! I turn around and say...rather loudly, "Do you KNOW what my day has been like!" And my oh so sensitive husband....began to laugh. "You have the biggest chocolate milk mustache I have ever seen!" Well that got me giggling and the rest of the day was so much better. I love my husband he always finds a way to make me feel better. Today it just happened to be chocolate milk.

Hence the outlandishly huge mustache picture.

Giggeling Gavin!

Well I don't have a picture of him smiling yet...or laughing. But yesterday he actually giggled! It was SSOO cute! That was the first time he giggled and both me and mike were there to hear it. Now I understand why in Peter Pan, fairy's come from a baby's first laugh. It was such a beautiful sound.

Good job Gavin! You're getting older!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beware the Serpent.

We went into the dealership to see if we could get our little saturn ION re-financed. The rate we have right now is to much. And when we bought the car there in the first place, the guy who sold it to us said to come back in about a year and we can refinance. (always get that in writing) We come back and they say the loan company we went through doesn't do refinancing. The little cheat just told us that to get us to buy the stinkin car.

Well long story short, they ended up getting us to drive a van around for a week. And then they keep us in their show room for 3 hours trying to talk us into getting a van. They made it sound really good, and if it would have only been one of us we may have taken the deal. But we kept eachother in check, and I kept my foot down. We walked away with our little ION insead of a gas sucking van that would put us further into debt.

Lesson learned...don't buy a car unless you buy it from an individual. Paying cash is ALWAYS better than a loan..... And NEVER trust a used car salesman.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty Mouth!

AARRRGGG!!!!!!!! I hate cleaning up POOP!!!!!!!!! I would post a picture...but quite frankly I didn't want to take a picture of that. I'm so just...ARG! Thats it I'm DONE! D-O-N-E done!!!!!!!!! I'm not going to buy ANY more diapers! Not for Xander. Let me tell you a story.

There once was a young Xander Boy.
Who thought that his poop was a toy.
With his fingers he mushed it
Right after he Pushed it.
And thought it was all just a joy.

That diaper did have quite a load.
But painting wasn't enough for the toad.
Just as he placed it.
He thought he should taste it.
And his mother... she doth explode.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Open House was a fun excursion. Fruitless...but fun. Do you remember that project I talked about a LONG time ago that Mike's school is doing? Each school is making a world war one airplane. This is what it looks like so far. They are the furthest along out of any school so far. It looks really nice from up close as well. I didn't realize how small they really were. Look at Mikey compared to the airplane. Anyhow the whole back end is done, they just need to put in the dials on the "dashboard" and put in the engine & finish the front. It's going to look really cool when they're done.

Today was an open house at Michaels school. There were recruiters for different companies there...but the one company that Mike wanted to talk to (Cessna...out of Independence, KS) weren't able to make it. So we just ate some free food, took a tour of the school, and looked at some airplanes they had been working on. One of the teachers had his own airplane that he built from the ground up and he flies it and does war reenactments. He's a real nice guy and offered to let us sit in his airplane. Mikey didn't sit. He's actually standing in the seat.

This is me in the airplane. It was a little airplane...but the seat was deep. I was stretching my neck as much as I could so you could see my whole face. It was really neat...bu I think you'd have to be taller than me to see anything out in front of you.

Now Mikey and I have joined the "I'm cool cause I sat in a 'vintage' airplane" club. How many of you can say the same? Mikey was so cool he even got a hat. Ok well the hat is Daddy's...but it looks so good on Mikers!

Dont you think?