Friday, August 1, 2008

Open House was a fun excursion. Fruitless...but fun. Do you remember that project I talked about a LONG time ago that Mike's school is doing? Each school is making a world war one airplane. This is what it looks like so far. They are the furthest along out of any school so far. It looks really nice from up close as well. I didn't realize how small they really were. Look at Mikey compared to the airplane. Anyhow the whole back end is done, they just need to put in the dials on the "dashboard" and put in the engine & finish the front. It's going to look really cool when they're done.

Today was an open house at Michaels school. There were recruiters for different companies there...but the one company that Mike wanted to talk to (Cessna...out of Independence, KS) weren't able to make it. So we just ate some free food, took a tour of the school, and looked at some airplanes they had been working on. One of the teachers had his own airplane that he built from the ground up and he flies it and does war reenactments. He's a real nice guy and offered to let us sit in his airplane. Mikey didn't sit. He's actually standing in the seat.

This is me in the airplane. It was a little airplane...but the seat was deep. I was stretching my neck as much as I could so you could see my whole face. It was really neat...bu I think you'd have to be taller than me to see anything out in front of you.

Now Mikey and I have joined the "I'm cool cause I sat in a 'vintage' airplane" club. How many of you can say the same? Mikey was so cool he even got a hat. Ok well the hat is Daddy's...but it looks so good on Mikers!

Dont you think?

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