Friday, January 22, 2010

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

It seams to be, that this is what is happening to television. We're watching the demise of mankind right before our eyes. It started with language, then sex scenes, then whole series about sex, now they're doubling the amount of characters who are gay and lesbian. Not just to have "well rounded" characters from "all walks of life" but to add more pornography to the networks. I was on the phone with my sister who has kept up with the show "Heroes." She informed me last night that Heroes had just gone too far. It was bad enough they had a character who was a prostitute, but they've now turned one of their main characters into a lesbian. I looked up a little bit online on the show and here's what I found. And I quote "It's just girlie fun at first. But it might progress into something more serious. It depends on how viewers respond."

WHAT?!?!! Girlie fun! I'm totally appalled that they can say that. I'm appalled that they can put this kinda stuff on PUBLIC television. And this is proof that they're not doing this just to have gay characters, but to have an even bigger range of sex scenes they can show the general public. TV has gone from bad, to worse.

We as a family have not actually watched the networks for an entire year now. I for one do not feel I'm missing anything. We had decided to not watch public tv before then, but hadn't completely edited it out of our lives until a year ago. For me, it started with the underwear commercials. I live in a house of boys, and I hated watching tv because I'd have to turn it off during the commercials. Language got worse. I actually watched a commercial where they said, "I did get a kick a** deal" right on public tv. Then they started showing "male enhancement" pill commercials. Those were at least done tactfully enough to were a child wouldn't know what they were talking about. But it still made me cringe that they advertised it on tv. With all of the garbage that we had seen, we decided we didn't want our children to be able to just turn on the tv and have this kinda stuff thrown in their faces.

Ever heard of the innocence of youth? Well the media has all but completely destroyed that. But we can't blame just the media. When we allow this kind of stuff in our house, WE are the ones who let our children see this. Yes, I know that is what is in the world right now, but we can choose to live in the world and not of the world. I will not let my television become the gateway for worldly things to infiltrate my family. Don't get me wrong, I love having television. It's nice to just sit and chill for a while while you watch a movie, but I WILL NOT yield my children's innocence for the convenience of being a couch potato.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Sunday

This is a picture of Mikey at my brother-in-law's reception. He was so CRANKY that day. Hence why I let someone else take my camera for a while. Anyhow I didnt get any pictures of him today so I figured this would have to do. What a SUNDAY!

To start off, Mike decided he could make it through church without going to bed AT ALL last night. He works nights, and I usually let him sleep in till 12ish. So he figured, it's sunday I'll have to get up early...I'll just stay up. I got up around 9ish, and started getting the boys ready while Daddy got in the shower. Everything was going good...minus the fact that we were all just really SLOW today. We got to church 40min late. Then we went to classes.

Daddy took Mikey to Sunbeams, I took Gavin and Xander to Nursery. The moment Gavin realized I wasn't there he started freaking out. I figured he'd stop eventually so I waited for Mike to come back from dropping off Mikey, then we went to class together. The heater in our ward building is class was freezing. I love the teacher in our Gospel Doctrine class. He is very interactive, and makes every lesson interesting. But even with a good teacher, and a FREEZING cold room, Mike was falling asleep. So after class I told him to go out to the car, turn on the heater, and go to sleep. He first asked me if I could handle the three boys. Suer I thought, they're all in their own classes. He seriously almost fell over on the way out to the car. Silly man.

So I head to Relief Society. I got to be in class for about 10min and a Primary teacher came with Mikey. She said that he'd been sad all day, and then finally said, "I just want my mom." So she told him that maybe I'd come sit with him in Sunbeams. And I thought I could get away with going to all my classes now that Gavin was in Nursery. THINK AGAIN!

Mikey was so pouty today. I sat him down in Sunbeams and sat next to him. He just hunched his shoulders over and brooded the WHOLE time. Then a little ways into the lesson in Sunbeams, the Nursery leader came and said Gavin hadn't stopped crying since I put him in the Nursery. So I leave sunbeams (of course mikey followed) and go get Gavin out of Nursery, I tried to hide when they handed him to me so Xander wouldn't see me...but he did. And Mikey saw Xander. He kept saying, "Mom I need to get my Xadner and be in Nursery and Play." Xander apparently didn't really enjoy the rest of Nursery because he was the only compton boy in there and he wanted to play with Mikey.

Mikey laid on the floor for the rest of sunbeams with his face in his hands and kept crying and telling me he needed to go back to Nursery. Gavin was finally happy because he was sitting on my lap. So for the last part of sunbeams they were singing songs, and Gavin LOVED it. Then when church was finally over, I went back to the Relief Society room and got my small bag of stuff, then we headed out to the car.

We got home and I put all my boys in bed, and they're all still snoozing away. Time for me to go make some food while the house is quiet. I'm thinkin Stroganoff.