Friday, May 29, 2009

Lets Go Fly A Kite

Today was cleaning day, so naturally, we went to the park! :D I wanted to wear out the kiddos so they would go to bed when we got back and I could get some work done. So we went to DG and got little plastic fishing poles, and a kite and some snacks. It was fun. We were going to go swing on the swings, but the highschool had just let out, so it was a little overrun. And I didnt want my kids learning any new words. Not from high schoolers anyhow. Mikey LOVES flying kites. He couldn't get over how cool his kite was, and they ALL loved the fishing poles. Gavin included. I'll have to get pictures of those later. All in all it was a fun day at the park.

Click on the second picture and you may just die laughing. Mikeys face is so funny. And the picture of Xander takes a little explaining. He knows kites need wind to stay up, and it fell out of the air, so he figured if he blew on the tail that might help. LOL. Funniest thing I've seen all day. Gavin was just chowing down the whole time on rice cakes and hot dogs. Check out that crazy hair.

Happy Birthday to Me!

So its finally time to start catching up. For my birthday Mike took the kids when he got home from work, and I went shoping! I just got a pair of shoes, but it was fun! Oh yeah and I splurged on an Ice cream cake. And it has been tasty ALL week. :P

The trip was a lot of fun. I started off by taking a picture of myself in the car...just for fun. then decided to take pictures of where I went. I went to Schlotzsk's, Ross, Old Navy, Kholes, Baskin Roblins, Pizza hut, and Hastings. I didnt decide to take pictures with all the casheers until I only had 2 stops left, but that was ok. So I just got the food people instead of the clothing store people. They were good sports too. The kid at BR even put happy birthday on my cake for free. And the girl at pizza hut was really excited to get her picture taken. "this is so cool! Nothing like this ever happens to me!" is all she could say. It was funny. She also told me that she was SSOO going to do that on her next birthday. lol.

Then the next day (right before our trip to MO) mike got me a GPS. Actually he got it for himself/the family. But I made him wrap it up so I could unwrap something for my birthday, even though it was for him. But I'm not complaining, we didnt get lost on the way home this time! :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

New addition to the Compton Family

This is baby howard. The day I found out Grandpa died, I found him on our porch. He had less feathers than he does now, but I was scard for him and I wanted to help him. And my very wise husband said, "The mom knows where this baby is, and it will take care of it." So I decided to let nature take its course. I was very afraid a cat would get it, but the first night he stayed on our porch it was poring down rain. So I knew he'd be ok.

This morning I was dismayed to see that our little bird who has now spent 4 nights on our porch, was gone. But I knew whatever hapened, it was nature. Then this afternoon I went to mail a letter, and as I'm walking to the mailbox, I find howard, under my car. He was ALIVE!!! Aparently the porch was to bright for him at sundown, so he moved to under my car.

I was going to take the boys shoping, and I didnt want to run him over, so I coaxed him out, and slowly moved my car. Now hes in the grass by my driveway. He's not scared of people. Not yet, but we wont touch him, and I hope he stays around till hes old enough to fly away.

The picture, by the way, isnt zoomed in at all. Our little howard is NOT camera shy. He posed perfectly for me. But dont worry, we have a strict "dont touch the bird" rule. We want to make sure his parents keep feeding him. So pray for howard and hope the neighborhood cats dont get him. So far he's been lucky. And hes a cute little bird!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Merril Vance Willis

The world lost a giant among men yesterday with the passing of my grandfather. I cried a lot after I found out. But when I went to bed to me it seamed as though I was ok. But this morning as I lay in bed thinking of him, I recalled his laughter. I've never heard anyone laugh quite like my granpa. My uncles, of course being his sons, sound like him and That will help to be able to think of him. I just didnt realize how much I'd miss that sound. As I sat in my room this morning I realized it will be a long time before I can hear that again. But how greatful I am that I will hear it again. What a blessing it is to be an eternal family. There is no doubt in my mind as to where my Grandpa is right now. He's having a reunion of his own, with family members he hasnt seen in years. He is reunited with his son & daughter who have already passed on. And what a glorious reunion that must be. I thank my heavenly father for the blessings of his restored gospel, and the blessings that being sealed as a family in the temple has brought to me. I know its a time for celebration, but I do want my granpa to know, you will be missed. I love you so much. Peace be with you Grandpa.