Thursday, May 14, 2009

Merril Vance Willis

The world lost a giant among men yesterday with the passing of my grandfather. I cried a lot after I found out. But when I went to bed to me it seamed as though I was ok. But this morning as I lay in bed thinking of him, I recalled his laughter. I've never heard anyone laugh quite like my granpa. My uncles, of course being his sons, sound like him and That will help to be able to think of him. I just didnt realize how much I'd miss that sound. As I sat in my room this morning I realized it will be a long time before I can hear that again. But how greatful I am that I will hear it again. What a blessing it is to be an eternal family. There is no doubt in my mind as to where my Grandpa is right now. He's having a reunion of his own, with family members he hasnt seen in years. He is reunited with his son & daughter who have already passed on. And what a glorious reunion that must be. I thank my heavenly father for the blessings of his restored gospel, and the blessings that being sealed as a family in the temple has brought to me. I know its a time for celebration, but I do want my granpa to know, you will be missed. I love you so much. Peace be with you Grandpa.

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