Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

So its finally time to start catching up. For my birthday Mike took the kids when he got home from work, and I went shoping! I just got a pair of shoes, but it was fun! Oh yeah and I splurged on an Ice cream cake. And it has been tasty ALL week. :P

The trip was a lot of fun. I started off by taking a picture of myself in the car...just for fun. then decided to take pictures of where I went. I went to Schlotzsk's, Ross, Old Navy, Kholes, Baskin Roblins, Pizza hut, and Hastings. I didnt decide to take pictures with all the casheers until I only had 2 stops left, but that was ok. So I just got the food people instead of the clothing store people. They were good sports too. The kid at BR even put happy birthday on my cake for free. And the girl at pizza hut was really excited to get her picture taken. "this is so cool! Nothing like this ever happens to me!" is all she could say. It was funny. She also told me that she was SSOO going to do that on her next birthday. lol.

Then the next day (right before our trip to MO) mike got me a GPS. Actually he got it for himself/the family. But I made him wrap it up so I could unwrap something for my birthday, even though it was for him. But I'm not complaining, we didnt get lost on the way home this time! :D

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