Friday, May 29, 2009

Lets Go Fly A Kite

Today was cleaning day, so naturally, we went to the park! :D I wanted to wear out the kiddos so they would go to bed when we got back and I could get some work done. So we went to DG and got little plastic fishing poles, and a kite and some snacks. It was fun. We were going to go swing on the swings, but the highschool had just let out, so it was a little overrun. And I didnt want my kids learning any new words. Not from high schoolers anyhow. Mikey LOVES flying kites. He couldn't get over how cool his kite was, and they ALL loved the fishing poles. Gavin included. I'll have to get pictures of those later. All in all it was a fun day at the park.

Click on the second picture and you may just die laughing. Mikeys face is so funny. And the picture of Xander takes a little explaining. He knows kites need wind to stay up, and it fell out of the air, so he figured if he blew on the tail that might help. LOL. Funniest thing I've seen all day. Gavin was just chowing down the whole time on rice cakes and hot dogs. Check out that crazy hair.

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