Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The trouble with Children

Buying something new....or even something nice thats used. It never lasts. If your a mother of small children, and you want something nice, keep it away from your house. Nice things never last at home. Not with 3 boys 3 and under.

My poor piano has had it's share of boys. I've had children pound on it, sit on it, dump nails down the top of it to hear them clink, finger nail pollish all over the leg (bright green), Windex sprayed ALL over it, paper stuck to it, stickers, and it's fair share of cars driven on it.

A clean house...yeah kiss it goodbye. Not with todlers ruleing the roost. Crumbs...there are always crubs EVERYWHERE. You need a vaccum 24/7 and the house is NEVER done! Even if you give them food that isn't crumbish...YOU STILL HAVE CRUMBS! On the floor, on the couch, IN YOUR SHEETS ON YOUR BED! ick

New dishes, I've had this set since January...and at least 4 of my dishes have chips/cracks in them. Little boys being helpful and THROWING the dishes in the sink, or on the counter, or in the dishwasher. they're such big helpers :S

Food intake. HOLY COW. These boys can eat! They eat more than I do! no joke. I have to make a huge pan of dinner, whatever it may be, and we dont usually have leftovers. I knew it'd be hard to keep food in the house with teenagers, but no one told me todlers had as big of an appetite.

Lazy days. Just another thing you can kiss goodbye. When you have children, sleeping in is sleeping till 8.

But crazy as it seams, its ALL worth it. Its all worth it for the games you play with your kids, the faces they make, and the hugs and kisses you get. When they learn something new and have to show it to you 500X a day. When they smile at you and say "I love you mom" and they werent even prompted. All of it makes it worth the sacrifice of Me time, or MY THINGS. Whats mine is yours, when your in a family. And the trade, however large it may seem, is well worth it.

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