Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Big Van

 Here it is. My dream come true! Not a mini and not a 15 passenger.
 I told the boys I needed pictures of the van.
 so naturally they wanted to come help.
 I guess in their minds they were helping....
 Xander trying his hardest to reach the pedals

 The van is very basic, as you can see...nothing but radio. Nothings electric. But it does have rear AC. That was a MUST
 view from the front passenger side. you can see all 4 car seats. And look how much room is left over!

 I went grocery shopping for the first time in this a few days ago and it was AWESOME. I have So much room back here!

 Just an idea on how big the van is. lol.

 Owen eating a Nutella sandwich. He caught me eating one, and I can't say no to that face.

 having a race. In our neighborhood we're the only house with a sidewalk...its the perfect track course.
On your mark! Wait Gavin I didn't say go yet!
 On your Mark.
 Get Set!
 Wait don't hit the baby!
 my poor Xander, scratching his feet again.
 Owen running away from mom.

and yes, Xander was sitting under the van for shade. It's big, but so perfect for our family. Love that van.