Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thursday Dec 4th

Start time:

Aviation Institute of Maintenance
4100 Raytown Road
Kansas City, MO 64129

P: (816) 753-9920

Saturday, November 29, 2008

For those who haven't heard yet......

Mike's graduation date got moved up. He is now graduating this upcoming thursday! And we will be living in Greenville TX. January 1st (or some time around then) we're going to take a trip to TX and look for housing...cause he starts his new job on Jan 19th. As far as I know I don't think anyone will be coming to his graduation. I think he's a little disappointed that he found out so late. If we would have known sooner, we probably could have gotten at least Danny & Cheryl to come. He won't show that he's disappointed but I think he is. Mostly I think he really wants his dad to be there. But, if any of his brothers could come up that would be nice too. The only thing is, Graduation is in the Morning, and then at 2:45 he has to go to work. So we'll do the ceremony and then he has to leave. So he "knows" no one wants to come for 45 min just for a "silly" ceremony and then not even get to hang out afterwards.

I'm really proud of Mike, and I think he's proud of himself too. I just wish more people could come to his graduation. I think it's at like 10 or 11 on thursday....if anyone wants to know.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There comes a time in a girls life when she crys at the silliest, smallest things. That time usually comes when they're a teenager...then after that it comes about once a month. Hurray for being a girl. :S Well this lovely week tends to make me sentimental to the extreme. I was watchin robots with my boys, and at the end of the show when the dad is telling him how proud he is, and the son tells the dad that the best thing that he ever got from his dad was that he believed in him. yeah....I started crying. Not like full blown bawling...but I did get teary eyed. was sweet. I love movies with good family values. If you haven't seen Robots, you should. It's AWESOME.

New Nativity Set

Have I mentioned I LOVE Aldi? I LOVE ALDI! For anyone who shops there, you know what I mean when I talk about their "random" isle. You know, the one that has anything in it from pots and pans, to little kid clothes, to bathroom rugs, to desks, to computers. They've got EVERYTHING. Well this week one of their special purchases was this little Nativity set. And I got it! I was saving up for a movie...but I don't have very many Nativity sets...actually I have one. The puzzle set my mom made me....well cut out for me, she made me paint it. So when I saw how cute this set was I HAD to get it. And it isn't ceramic, so it shouldn't break if my kids get a hold of it. I love Christmas time!

unofficialy official

Wellp...we did it. Mike is going to graduate mid December....and then we'll be headed off to TX. He hasn't told them he's accepted their job offer yet (thats why it's unofficial), but we've decided (thats why it's official). Greenville TX it is. He'll be working for L3 communications fixing/updating jets. I don't know much, but he'll be working for the government I think. So me not knowing much is probably going to be the standard. :D Just so long as he doesn't get sucked into a jet engine I don't mind....And if he does...shudder...pray it's like this man.

So besides the fact that I'm totally scared out of my mind for him....I had no idea that could actually happen....I think we'll be ok. I haven't lived that far away from home before. Missouri is all I know...I hope Greenville is beautiful. I'm really sad to be leaving all of my friends so soon. I'm going to miss all of you! I hope wherever the roads take you is beautiful as well. If all goes according to plan, we'll be moved by mid January.

We'll be spending Christmas with my family south of here, but that is only for a few days. At least we'll get to see most of our friends before we move. Texas, I hope you're ready for the Compton family, cause ready or not....HERE WE COME!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How I you are.

Today Mikey and Xander were playing the piano and singing twinkle twinkle little star. And they did it without any help. It was SSOO cute. They'd bang a few notes out as they sang.

Twinkle widol star,
How I you are
Up so high
diamond in sky
Twinkle widol star
How i you are.

Or there is Xander's version...

Tween-el yidol star
Diamon sky
how i you are.

haha they're so funny. Oh yeah And for the first time today I heard Mikey sing his ENTIRE alphabet. And he didn't make ANY mistakes!!! It was AWESOME! My boys are so clever.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

So I'm getting totally excited for next week. Julia (my cousin who lives close) and I are going to go to my hometown and watch their high school performance. I'm so pumped about it. I get to go see my old Drama teacher, choreographer, and piano player. All the people I used to know from when I was in plays in High School. Not to mention I haven't seen anything live for a long time....uh...when I say anything...I don't mean ANYTHING. I mean come on. I'm kids are alive...Even the grass outside is alive. Don't think I live in a city of the undead or anything. What I meant was, I haven't seen any live THEATER for a long time. Shesh crazys.

I know I've got some stuff to bring down with me. The boys...for one. Cause they can't very well stay home. I mean daddy's in the same city...but the would need a sitter, so I have to bring them. And I'll have to bring their carseats. Hum...I also need to bring some stuff for Sarah. I have some diapers and other baby stuff for you. If I don't get to see you on the 20th or the 21 then I'll just leave it with mom. OH yeah...and I was doing the little boys laundry, and they had a pair of jeans that looked WAY to girly for them. I'm guessing they're Lydia's. I need to bring Some clothes that I promised Nanc...and you asked me to bring the Newsies book as well? Then I need to return mom's movie...and I think that was pretty much it. Let me know if anyone can think of anything else I need to bring next week. I'm so excited to see everyone. And I'm pretty excited to be driving with Julia too. I CAN"T WAIT!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I love my Boys, they're so cute. Mikey came up to me today and had his blanket wraped around his shoulder and said, "I'm a Princess!" haha you're not. So I told him he was either a prince or a king. Then him and Xander started walking around the house yelling, "KING KING KING!" But the only problem was they couldn't hold on to their blankets. And every time they'd fall the boys would freak out, "Mom! HELP! help!" So we decided to tie them around their necks so they could run around the house. Boy did they love that. Then since they had capes, they needed king hats. I wasn't quite sure what to do, cause it needed to be quick so they wouldn't get impatient. So I came up with rolled paper bags. It was adorable the first time they both got their hats. Xander was a little hesitant, but when he saw how much fun Mikey was having, he warmed up to the idea pretty quick. They're still wearing their capes. Mikey keeps saying, "A King Michael!" And Xander keeps saying, "Keen Sander!" And all the while king Gavin is sleeping in his crib sucking his thumb. I really do have the cutest little boys on earth.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

4 month pictures

yep he's a smiley boy! Can you guess which one was done last? Yeah...the one with barf on his shirt. but he was making such a cute face I had to post it. Silly baby.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did you miss it?

You know...I don't agree with John McCain on all of his issues. As a matter of fact I think he's pretty far left field. But some of my "rage" that I've depicted has dissipated. I missed this speech last night. We went to bed early, resigned to hear the election results when we awoke. But this speech was wonderfull. You can't fake patriotism like that. We definitely missed out on something by not getting McCain in the office. And this speech has made me want to say something.

In my last post I stated how proud I was of this land, and the opportunities there in. I also stated...however, that we should start the impeachment process toward Barak Obama. But being as it may, that I don't like his politics, we should give him a chance. The people had a voice this week, and Barak is our Commander and Chief and that position deserves respect. So I'm going to continue praying for our leaders to have the strength and the know how to keep our country safe. Please not abuse your command.

Poop on a Stick

Well the results are in. So far McCain is ahead in Missouri...but he's already lost. I just truly hope that Barak Obama is NOT true to his word. But I knew he was going to get into the office cause 1/2 the people who voted for him had no idea what the heck he stands for. (note the video above) Sorry for those of you who don't agree..but I did my part and I voted for McCain, so I have a right to complain. Everyone who didn't vote...or voted for Obama, sorry have no room to complain if....when this goes downhill.

These next four years are going to be tough. I say that because anyone with ANY opposing views with Obama doesn't stand a chance. He's got a congress FULL of Democrats. If he says "Jump!" they say "How high." Pretty much EVERYTHING Obama stands for, I'm against...especially partial birth abortion. I think the only good thing that he'll be able to accomplish as president, is that he IS the first black president of the United States. And that is already checked off the list. Like I said before....I really hope he is not true to his word. We're going to have a huge disaster on our hands and it will be his fault. It will take a year, and the troops will be out of Irac...then it's going to turn into total war. So lets just start the Impeachment Process and save us some heartache that we caused ourselves by voting him in the office.

Don't get me wrong...I'm greatfull for America, I'm greatfull that I can write this post, and not be hung for it. Freedom of Speech, The right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, Right to Privacy, Inocent until proven Guilty, Power to the People. That is the America I live in. The land I love. Although I do not agree with the majority of the nation who voted Obama in office, this day I am proud to live in this great land of Opportunity. I am proud that I had a chance to vote and make my voice heard. There is no place like America, and I shall always be greatful for it.
God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Watch the Video then leave a comment

Ok my friend Michelle posted this on her blog...I hate to be a coppier...but I know a lot of people who would be speechless at how daft these people are. If you knew anything about this election these guys wouldn't have fooled you....but apparently some voters know NOTHING!

Honestly I think they should just have people vote on the issues and then whoevers polices were with the majority vote can get in the office...instead of these uneducated people voting when they publicly say they don't agree with his politics...AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!


Monday, November 3, 2008

What Tomorrow Will Bring

Ok...well I know it's hard to believe it, but tomorrow is Voting Day...So Don't Forget to VOTE! If you're thinking you may not want to vote, go back and read Womens Privilege one of my previous blog entries. Now I know it's easy to find stuff on the Presidential Candidates, but what about all the other things we will be voting on. Now you could just vote for your party all the way down the line...but wouldn't it be smarter to know what you're getting into? It's hard to find the right kind of sites, but here are the names of people we'll be voting on....yeah I didn't realize it was this big either.

(the link for Kenny hulshof describes the way he voted on issues...I was going to find a website like this for everyone...but I'd like to post this BEFORE the election is over. But you should be able to find a few other people on that site as well. Happy hunting!)
P.S. if I find more good sites in between now and tomorrow, I'll edit this post to include them.

For Governor:
Kenny Hulshof Republican
Jay Nixon Democrat
Andrew W. Finkenstadt Libertarian
Gregory E. Thompson Constitution

For Lieutenant Governor:
Peter Kinder Republican
Same Page Democrat
Teddy Fleck Libertarian
James C. Rensing Constitution

For Secretary of State:
MitchHubbard Republican
Robin Carnahan Democrat
Wes Upchurch Libertarian
Denise C. Neely Constitution

For State Treasurer:
Brad Lager Republican
Clint Zweifel Democrat
Rodney D. Farthing Constitution

For Attorney General:
Mike Gibbons Republican
Chris Koster Democrat

For US Representative:
Jacob Turk Republican
Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat

For State Senate:
Yvonne S. Wilson Democrat
Victor Callahan Democrat

For State Representative:
Mike Talboy Democrat
Beth Low Democrat
Lance Weber Libertarian
John Patrick Burnett Democrat
Kiki Curls Democrat
Jonas Hughes Democrat
Roman Lee LeBlanc Democrat
Jason Kander Democrat
Jonathon P. Main Republican
Jason R. Holsman Democrat
Kate Meiners Democrat
Will Kraus Republican
Joe Volpe Democrat
Tom McDonald Democrat
Michael R. Brown Democrat
Ray Salva Democrat
Gary E. Hisch Republican
Paul LeVota Democrat

For Prosecuting Attorney:
Jim Kanatzar Democrat

For Sheriff:
Ernie Griffin Republican
Mike Sharp Democrat

Remain Supreme Court Judge?
Patricia Breckenridge

Remain Circuit Judge?
Peggy S. McGraw
Ann Mesle
Michael W. Manners
John R. O'malley
Brian C. Wimes
Robert M. Schieber
John M. Torrence
Kelly J. Moorhouse

Remain Associate Circuit Judge?
Robert Beaird
Vernon E. Schoville
Robert L. Trout