Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

So I'm getting totally excited for next week. Julia (my cousin who lives close) and I are going to go to my hometown and watch their high school performance. I'm so pumped about it. I get to go see my old Drama teacher, choreographer, and piano player. All the people I used to know from when I was in plays in High School. Not to mention I haven't seen anything live for a long time....uh...when I say anything...I don't mean ANYTHING. I mean come on. I'm kids are alive...Even the grass outside is alive. Don't think I live in a city of the undead or anything. What I meant was, I haven't seen any live THEATER for a long time. Shesh crazys.

I know I've got some stuff to bring down with me. The boys...for one. Cause they can't very well stay home. I mean daddy's in the same city...but the would need a sitter, so I have to bring them. And I'll have to bring their carseats. Hum...I also need to bring some stuff for Sarah. I have some diapers and other baby stuff for you. If I don't get to see you on the 20th or the 21 then I'll just leave it with mom. OH yeah...and I was doing the little boys laundry, and they had a pair of jeans that looked WAY to girly for them. I'm guessing they're Lydia's. I need to bring Some clothes that I promised Nanc...and you asked me to bring the Newsies book as well? Then I need to return mom's movie...and I think that was pretty much it. Let me know if anyone can think of anything else I need to bring next week. I'm so excited to see everyone. And I'm pretty excited to be driving with Julia too. I CAN"T WAIT!

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