Saturday, November 29, 2008

For those who haven't heard yet......

Mike's graduation date got moved up. He is now graduating this upcoming thursday! And we will be living in Greenville TX. January 1st (or some time around then) we're going to take a trip to TX and look for housing...cause he starts his new job on Jan 19th. As far as I know I don't think anyone will be coming to his graduation. I think he's a little disappointed that he found out so late. If we would have known sooner, we probably could have gotten at least Danny & Cheryl to come. He won't show that he's disappointed but I think he is. Mostly I think he really wants his dad to be there. But, if any of his brothers could come up that would be nice too. The only thing is, Graduation is in the Morning, and then at 2:45 he has to go to work. So we'll do the ceremony and then he has to leave. So he "knows" no one wants to come for 45 min just for a "silly" ceremony and then not even get to hang out afterwards.

I'm really proud of Mike, and I think he's proud of himself too. I just wish more people could come to his graduation. I think it's at like 10 or 11 on thursday....if anyone wants to know.

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