Thursday, July 15, 2010

You can tune a piano, but you cant....piano a fish?

Ok this is just one note that I'm tuning, but you do the same thing for the whole treble clef. Each note is 3 strings, then you get down into the lower bass clef, and it's only 2 strings. When it's just two you mute one and tune the other with your machine, then mute the first and tune the second to the machine. Then the last octive, is all one string per note, and those you just tune to your machine.

The piano is totally done, and I'm going to make some cookies, and bring them and the tuning stuff back to my wonderful neighbors. We sure are lucky.

Monday, July 12, 2010


So the reason why I havent blogged much camera has been gone. But I got it back, and I've been taking pictures like a mad fool....but I'll get to that later. Last night we went to our neighbor's house (wendel with the riding lawnmower) They were tuning their piano, so Wendel taught me and mike how to tune an upright, and then let us borrow the tuning equipment. When we tuned the piano we started with middle c then did all the c's then we did all the b's then all the a sharps, then all the a's and so on down the line. But we have to do it after the kids go to bed, so we only got 1/2 done last night. Then things started to get silly.

BAHAHA. so I look retchedly horrible in this video, but It STILL makes me laugh. Waterfall...HA! more like WaterFAIL! LOL! But dont worry, we'll finish tuning it tonight. Maybe my next post will actually be about tuning the piano. It's rather interesting I think.