Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Toys

These are the same waffle blocks that I used to play with as a kid. And we used to do the same thing, can you tell Mikey is making a car noise by his face?

I've noticed something. The things I get for my kids, I really get for myself. I love watching them play with the toys that I had so much fun with when I was little. Look at that Owen boy just chillin. It was his idea to get inside the blocks...and Mike's idea to push it. Classic toys never go bad.

I've noticed though, that when they don't take care of their stuff I freak out. Which I have the right too. If they break it it's gone and that means no more fun with that toy.

One of our new favorite things are these masks, they were a little more than what I would have liked to pay (about $9 at target), but they're very high quality and I'm definatly going to buy the whole collection for our costume box. They LOVE these things. As soon as a mask is on, they don't need anymore toys. They're no longer my little boys, and they refuse to be called by anything but the name of the superhero mask they're wearing. Xander is especially adamant that he IS spider man. 

I found 2 transformers masks at toys r us, and they're about the same price as the others, eventually I'll add those and the Thor mask to the pile. Owen even likes putting the wolverine mask on. Cute little boys.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My First Best Friend

22 years ago today I got my first best friend. Marshall and I were always doing something or other that was weird. Mom didn't usually put us together in the kitchen to do dishes cause we'd always end up just laughing the whole time and never getting anything done. Marshall put up with a lot of older sibling abuse. I told him it was going to be fun to jump from one bed to another even though they were completely way to far apart. I'm sure a lot of his bruises were vicariously my fault (I didn't do it I swear! It was the bed.) But with his ingenuity he got back at me quite a few times. One instance he somehow tied my bike into the tree in the front yard, very high up. It's funny now, but then I really had no clue how I was going to get it down (I think that was the idea) I was pretty fumed. Marshall was always there to talk to. We always had some secret that no one knew about...or well we thought no one knew about. And for some reason, we loved to wrestle. When we were younger I had the upper hand...but as time wore on. Well lets just say he takes it easy on me.

Marshall has always been true to himself and to others around him. And he "knows" everything (whether he really knows it or not), He has a way of making you believe the most absurd things (ask him about where he was born, or what colors smell like). I've always loved being around him. Everything is an adventure to him. At Christmas time all the guys got marshmallow guns and his was broken. He said the best part about it (other than shooting everyone) was having to fix it first. He's a lot like both of our grandpas. One thing is for sure, growing up around marshall sure gave me a lot of time to laugh and smile. He gave me quite a few memorable moments, and helped me become the silly person I am. Marshall, I love you so much. Thanks for coming along when you did, life would sure be dull without you. Thanks for the bike rides around Willard, the walks in strange fields pretending we were runaways, the late nights of made up obscure songs & nursery rhymes, the tv shows we'd watch together and make fun of, and the sincerer brother who's always loved me for who I am, and a person I always could be myself with. You truly are one of a kind, and I couldn't be more proud to have you as my brother. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

puppy people

Xander and Gavin have decided they are eachothers puppies. They trade off. The thing they're eating in the video is Vienna sausages. I find them disgusting, but the boys think they're puppy chow. ick. The thing I love most about this video is the way gavin talks. I love it. He's almost three but still doesn't have his letters right. I keep thinking about Xander and how at 1 year he was already talking. After 4 kids I now realize that is actually really early. He was Owens age. Yeah...these are the words Owen can say; mama, daddy, hi, num, oooh! yeah...thats pretty much it. He recognizes lots of words, he just doesn't say them, but he does know what you're talking about when you talk to him. Mikey is the strong slent type. He's always trying to take apart something or another. If a toy has a moving part he moves it over and over to see how it works. All of them are so different but they're all best friends. I sure love my boys.