Thursday, April 7, 2011

puppy people

Xander and Gavin have decided they are eachothers puppies. They trade off. The thing they're eating in the video is Vienna sausages. I find them disgusting, but the boys think they're puppy chow. ick. The thing I love most about this video is the way gavin talks. I love it. He's almost three but still doesn't have his letters right. I keep thinking about Xander and how at 1 year he was already talking. After 4 kids I now realize that is actually really early. He was Owens age. Yeah...these are the words Owen can say; mama, daddy, hi, num, oooh! yeah...thats pretty much it. He recognizes lots of words, he just doesn't say them, but he does know what you're talking about when you talk to him. Mikey is the strong slent type. He's always trying to take apart something or another. If a toy has a moving part he moves it over and over to see how it works. All of them are so different but they're all best friends. I sure love my boys.


  1. ok, for a sec, I thought the REAL dog bark in the back ground was coming from one of your boys. ha ha ha I Thought they were REALLY good at playing dog. :)

  2. you know...I was gonna say something to that effect cause I thought it was funny.