Monday, March 21, 2011

Spiderman Xan

 Just so you know, no matter how much red food coloring you put in white cool's gonna turn out pink. And the more color you put in it, the pinker you will be when it gets on your hands.

The boys eating cake....and Owen in front of my messy pantry that we forgot to close the door to.

Xander and his birthday presents. He loves his new spiderman friend. He's nice and soft. And the helicopter is a lego set with a lego guy spiderman. The lego guy is the bigger guys son.  When daddy left for work today, the big spiderman left for work and gave his lego man son a kiss and hug and said goodbye. it was really cute to watch.
Theres our little spiderman. And he will not stop wrestling that bop bag. It's his "rocket" as he calls it. Happy Birthday my little 4 year old!


  1. So fun! I love that cake, it turned out beautifully. And it doesn't look pink at all.

  2. I think the only reason you think the cake looks pink is cause you had a really red spidey mask right next to it. Cool cake, and cool birthday party!!

  3. That is a great cake! Good job on it. I love making my kids cakes for their b-day too. Looks like he had a great B-day!