Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Xander! life is really crazy. Now I have two 2 year olds?! for 2 weeks! lol.
Xander is so funny. I made him muffins for his birthday breakfast,
and he kept calling them bacon. Though I think thats cause they look like biscuits.
and biscut sounds kinda like bacon.
....if you're a Xander.

Mikey was so gracious to help Xander unwrap his present from Grandma Adams.

Gavin liked the "bacon" too.

At the end of the book it asks, "Where is Teady bear?"
Xander pointed to his bear and said, "teddy bears right here!"

Thanks for the book Grandma!
Tonight we're going to give him his big wheel trycicle.
I'll post those pictures by tomorrow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

To be Creative or NOT

So I'm feeling generous...I want to make something for the first 5 people who coment on this post. You will get your something by the end of 2009. I can't promis it will be amazing, but it will be something I made just for you. But I reserve the right to make whatever I want. Meaning I could make a batch of chocolate chip tuna cookies just for you. Or you might actually get something cool. So coment if you dare! But its only for the first five people. And there is a catch. I actually wasn't feeling generous. If you post a coment then you have to post this same message on your blog. If you don't have your own blog then you can go on facbook or what have you. But the first 5 people to coment get something made from me just for them. So thats the real reason why I made this post....cause I comented on someone elses. :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thats a first for me!!

So I know Its totally late at night, 1:35 am to be exact, but I'm on for a reason and I'll explain. I decided to stay up late tonight, it started off as playing on the computer, but then I decided to clean. Mike has the day off tomorrow, and he told me that when the house got entirely clean we'd go on a date! We haven't been on a date since we've moved here. Like the kind that you go out of the house WITHOUT your kids, and go do something fun TOGETHER. And he said that the moment the house was clean we could call a babysitter and just leave till nighttime. I don't know how well that really will work tomorrow....since we don't really know anyone for babysitting...but I'm excited!

Anyway back to the story. As I was cleaning up my piles of laundry, you know the clean ones that come out of the dryer, but then you have something else come up, so you just keep letting the pile of clothes get bigger and bigger and think, "oh yeah I should fold those." Well tonight I finally cleaned up the clothes....and this is what I find under the whole pile. Pizza....face down in the carpet. And boy was it STUCK! It was nasty! hilarious....but gross. Note in the video that as I'm pulling on the pizza, that was as hard as I could pull (not even kidding), the carpet was pulling up as well. I knew it would be easier to visualise how stuck it was if you had a video...but keep in mind...this video doesn't have sound. So just imagine, if you will, what that sounds like. Dryed, crusted, OLD pizza, ripping off the carpet. YUM.

bath time

Well....I think we've finally seen the last of this virus thats been going around. Mike had it two days ago and I thought t might re-spread to the kids, but everyone is still feeling great. So I thought I'd post some pictures from these past few days. My favorite is the one in the tub. :D Gavins face is so funny.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

what goes around comes around....and around, and around, and around.

Yep folks we're all sick. I've managed to avoid it for a while, but this morning I caught the bug. Hopefully not nearly as bad as Xander or Gavin. This all started last week when Mikey got sick. He had a feaver and some runny diapers. Which was a total dissipointment to me cause He had just started wearing undwear. So we had to put him in diapers again because he was so, uh, explosive. Then Gavin got it. Feaver and the runs. Then the next Day Xander got it....only he got a 1+ on everyone. He was barfing as well. Gavin & Mikey got over it, but Xander was still sick. Right as Xander started getting better, mikey got it again. He dry heaved a lot but never actually puked. Then Gavin started having a feaver again. Xander was feelin good for about a day. Then it hit him again...only this time he couldn't even keep water down. Then Gavin started barfing up his bottles. Gavin and Xander have both stoped barfing, but they're diapers wont...uh...go back to normal. Mikey is feeling better, no feaver, and his nasty diapers are only about 1 a day instead of every hour.

This morning when I woke up I could hardly drag myself out of bed and my tummy has been having some issues. Luckily I got to get some meds from walmart yesterday so hopefully I can get over this quick. We stocked up on Pedialite yesterday too...I forgot to buy cleaning supplies for the messes in the cribs and beds and floor. Uck. Now I've got to clean it without feeling natious my self. yeah...good times. :S

OH yeah more "good" news. The reason why I had the car yesterday....Mikes scedual got switched AGAIN! Now he has Saturdays off. Ick. I'm ready to not have to go to church by myself. Though there was no way I was going today, we're ready to have daddy home on sundays again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's cold and dark

Hahaha! So today before I got Mikey out of bed I heard him in his room. He was singing. At first I couldn't make out what he was saying, but then he got louder. He was repeating the same thing over and over, just in a different tune every time. When he finally sang loud enough for me to hear I about busted a gut.

"It's cold and DAARRK. cold anD dark." then his voice would get real soft, "cold and," small pause...then he'd get loud again and his voice would quiver a little, "d ARK!"

hahaha he started again only this time he's singing, "No fam-mowie, fam-MOW-IE! fam-a-we"AH ha ha ha! hahahahaha