Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Xander! life is really crazy. Now I have two 2 year olds?! for 2 weeks! lol.
Xander is so funny. I made him muffins for his birthday breakfast,
and he kept calling them bacon. Though I think thats cause they look like biscuits.
and biscut sounds kinda like bacon.
....if you're a Xander.

Mikey was so gracious to help Xander unwrap his present from Grandma Adams.

Gavin liked the "bacon" too.

At the end of the book it asks, "Where is Teady bear?"
Xander pointed to his bear and said, "teddy bears right here!"

Thanks for the book Grandma!
Tonight we're going to give him his big wheel trycicle.
I'll post those pictures by tomorrow.

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