Sunday, March 8, 2009

what goes around comes around....and around, and around, and around.

Yep folks we're all sick. I've managed to avoid it for a while, but this morning I caught the bug. Hopefully not nearly as bad as Xander or Gavin. This all started last week when Mikey got sick. He had a feaver and some runny diapers. Which was a total dissipointment to me cause He had just started wearing undwear. So we had to put him in diapers again because he was so, uh, explosive. Then Gavin got it. Feaver and the runs. Then the next Day Xander got it....only he got a 1+ on everyone. He was barfing as well. Gavin & Mikey got over it, but Xander was still sick. Right as Xander started getting better, mikey got it again. He dry heaved a lot but never actually puked. Then Gavin started having a feaver again. Xander was feelin good for about a day. Then it hit him again...only this time he couldn't even keep water down. Then Gavin started barfing up his bottles. Gavin and Xander have both stoped barfing, but they're diapers wont...uh...go back to normal. Mikey is feeling better, no feaver, and his nasty diapers are only about 1 a day instead of every hour.

This morning when I woke up I could hardly drag myself out of bed and my tummy has been having some issues. Luckily I got to get some meds from walmart yesterday so hopefully I can get over this quick. We stocked up on Pedialite yesterday too...I forgot to buy cleaning supplies for the messes in the cribs and beds and floor. Uck. Now I've got to clean it without feeling natious my self. yeah...good times. :S

OH yeah more "good" news. The reason why I had the car yesterday....Mikes scedual got switched AGAIN! Now he has Saturdays off. Ick. I'm ready to not have to go to church by myself. Though there was no way I was going today, we're ready to have daddy home on sundays again.

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