Friday, March 13, 2009

Thats a first for me!!

So I know Its totally late at night, 1:35 am to be exact, but I'm on for a reason and I'll explain. I decided to stay up late tonight, it started off as playing on the computer, but then I decided to clean. Mike has the day off tomorrow, and he told me that when the house got entirely clean we'd go on a date! We haven't been on a date since we've moved here. Like the kind that you go out of the house WITHOUT your kids, and go do something fun TOGETHER. And he said that the moment the house was clean we could call a babysitter and just leave till nighttime. I don't know how well that really will work tomorrow....since we don't really know anyone for babysitting...but I'm excited!

Anyway back to the story. As I was cleaning up my piles of laundry, you know the clean ones that come out of the dryer, but then you have something else come up, so you just keep letting the pile of clothes get bigger and bigger and think, "oh yeah I should fold those." Well tonight I finally cleaned up the clothes....and this is what I find under the whole pile. Pizza....face down in the carpet. And boy was it STUCK! It was nasty! hilarious....but gross. Note in the video that as I'm pulling on the pizza, that was as hard as I could pull (not even kidding), the carpet was pulling up as well. I knew it would be easier to visualise how stuck it was if you had a video...but keep in mind...this video doesn't have sound. So just imagine, if you will, what that sounds like. Dryed, crusted, OLD pizza, ripping off the carpet. YUM.

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