Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing outside

sorry most of these are so far away. But little boys are kinda hard to catch. I've only got digital zoom on my camera and that just makes the pictures look grainy.

These are the same day the F18 was flying over our apartment. The airshow was that day and we had a whole lot of jets fly over our house.

I admit...it was a lot more fun last year when we actually bought tickets and got a babysitter...but we didn't spend any money having them fly over our house so that was okay too.I think gavin was the only one who didn't get scared when the jets flew by. He was just chilaxin in the sunshine.

Sunday really was the perfect day (aparently something is funny cause Gavin just made the CUTEST laugh...and he's sleeping in the swing. Silly boy) There was a slight breeze and it wasn't even hot. It was honestly PERFECT.
Well minus one thing. Mike was at work. Yep he got called in on a sunday. That always stinks. And it was last minute too so he just had to take the car and leave. Sad day.
You know what else stinks? You see that fun little slide? Well every time we want to get it out...we have to hoist it over our "porch" railing. And we ALWAYS have to put it back when were done...unless we want the neighbor kids to ruin it.
I can't wait to see where we'll be when mike graduates. I'm so ready to get into a house.

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