Friday, August 8, 2008

Beware the Serpent.

We went into the dealership to see if we could get our little saturn ION re-financed. The rate we have right now is to much. And when we bought the car there in the first place, the guy who sold it to us said to come back in about a year and we can refinance. (always get that in writing) We come back and they say the loan company we went through doesn't do refinancing. The little cheat just told us that to get us to buy the stinkin car.

Well long story short, they ended up getting us to drive a van around for a week. And then they keep us in their show room for 3 hours trying to talk us into getting a van. They made it sound really good, and if it would have only been one of us we may have taken the deal. But we kept eachother in check, and I kept my foot down. We walked away with our little ION insead of a gas sucking van that would put us further into debt.

Lesson learned...don't buy a car unless you buy it from an individual. Paying cash is ALWAYS better than a loan..... And NEVER trust a used car salesman.

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