Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference Sunday

Well yesterday was Mikey's birthday. But we didn't do anything but watch conference. Which was WONDERFUL. It was nice to just sit and enjoy, we had the boys in their room the whole time conference was on. We just watched it on the internet and it was wonderful. After conference was over we decided it was time to pay attention to the boys and it was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to go play. The boys absolutely Loved it!

We didn't get a real good picture of the boys playing together, but they sure had fun!
Xander just loved chasing that ball around.
Mikey wasn't at all interested in taking a picture with mommy. He just wanted to play with Dad.

Notice his face. Both Daddy and Mikey had a lot of fun.
They don't get to play together very often so this was a real treat.

Daddy kept bouncing the ball off of Mikey's head. He thought that was so funny!

And Xander was just happy to be outside.

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