Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rissy's Own

Well we've had this moniter sitting in our house for a while now....ever since mike bought him a new one. I had no idea why we were keeping it. I guess just cause it was a good moniter. Well yesterday Mike walks in the door from school and guess what he's carrying? A tower. Yeah thats right I have a computer of my own now. Now I can check recipies on the interent without having to leave my children to terrorize the house. His school was just getting rid of old computers. And when he go home from work, he had a keyboard with him. So I ran to target and got myself a $6 mouse...and now I have a computer for the internet.

At the moment I'm running on windows 98...yeah WOW. But it works for the internet...the pictures on the blog look ENTIRELY way to grainy...but thats just cause the video card is WAY outdated. But never the less. I have my own computer. YAY!

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