Friday, April 11, 2008

Why does my Husband let me shop?

ok so aparently I can't get away from clearance items. And if it's just a REALLY good know I'm going to get it. And if I'm shopping by my self, you know I'm going to look in the clearance racks...and I'll probably find something...and most likely get it.

Now now...don't get me wrong, I do have self control when needed, but when things get even lower than 1/2 self control button seams to disapear almost entirly.

Yesterday I ran out of moose, so I straightened my hair. When Mike got home, I had to run to target to return 2 items. I told him I wouldn't be long, and away I went. The moment I stepped into the store...DOWN POUR. You guessed it RAIN. There was NO way I was going to go back out into the rain to get to my car. My hair took me to long to do to just have it ruined by some stupid rain! So what was there to do in target? SHOP! and while shopping where do you look? CLEARANCE! Long story short, I bought me a new shirt.

But still not the end of my story. Today...while at Aldi, as I walked down their random know where they sell anything from table lamps, or digital cameras, to kids umbrellas and sports wraps...I came across a paper cutter that I really wanted. Only last time I went to Aldi, it was $25. Today it was $10!!!! Talk about awesome. So all in all I ended up spending $80 on groceries...only 10 was for the paper cutter. Only I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO SPEND MONEY!

Curse me for wanting things.

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