Monday, April 14, 2008


Well today has been a good day. The weather warmed up to mid fifties, and I found some more clothes in the boys closet that they can wear. All in all, a rather enjoyable day. But alas...I'm still alone.

We went for a walk for FHE and the boys absolutely loved it. I didn't take the stroller, I just let Mikey walk just about where ever he wanted to around the complex. And he had a hay-day just walking through the grass without having to hold moms hand. We get home, have some dinner, say prayers, and go to bed. And's 9:20, and my poor hubbie is still at work. (sniff...tear...) And I only sent him with "1/2" portion of food today, so he's starving...and still at work.

So "smart" Rissy got on the internet instead of cleaning the house, or making some food for her hard working husband. Ever notice when you're alone, you don't want to do any chores, or anything your supposed to do? But then again...when you husband finally gets home, you don't want to do anything either cause he's finally home and you want to spend time together.

Alright I guess I'll go be productive...shesh.

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