Saturday, July 12, 2008

On My Own

Well this is it. Mom left this morning and I'm home by myself. I'm amazed I found time to get on the computer. But the boys are all sleeping...well Gavin is just being quiet...but Mikey and Xander are both asleep. It's been rainy all day so their room is really dark. So nice. They're all really good boys.

Well it was hard to see mom drive away. I won't be seeing her till September when we bless Gavin. The boys were pretty sad to see Grandma and Aunt Lilly go as well. Aunt Lilly did a whole lot for us while she was here. Even though she's the youngest of us kids, she's no baby. She was really good at holding Gavin and keeping Mikey and Xander out of trouble. THANKS LIL! But she also discovered that 2 year olds are not good conversationalists.

Lilly: "Mikey...whats your favorite color?"
Mikey: "Yeah!"
L: "Whats your favorite color?"
M: "Yeah!"
L: (slower, maybe he didn't understand her) "Mikey...whats...your...favorite color?"
M: "Uh hu!"
L: (trying a different tactic) "Your favorite color Blue?"
M: (nothing)
L: "Your favorite color BLUE?"
M: (nothing)

Finally she gave up asking him questions. They did have a lot of fun playing together. We'll all miss having Grandma and Aunt Lilly around.

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