Thursday, July 3, 2008

4 Days

Here's our Gavin. He's a very alert little dude. He loves to look at things. And it's fun to just sit with him. Gavin was asleep when daddy got home last night so I went and got us a redbox movie. When I came back Gavin was on the couch instead of his crib in our room. I asked mike if he woke up and he just said, "Nope I just wanted him with me." Michael is such a good daddy. It's so fun to watch him come home from work and one of the first things he does is come and talk to his little boy.

And how is Caroline doing? Or better are her parents? I hope you guys are feeling well. The first week kinda bites, but it does get better! I hope to see some more pictures of your new baby soon!

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