Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting to know you.

Well I've been meaning to get these posted for a while...I've just been a little...busy. These boys really love their brother, and Xander has to see him EVERY morning. Mikey calls him "Gawin" and Xander calls him "BE BE!!" It's pretty cute.

I love this picture. I didn't think mikey was really interested in his new brother at first...but he really dose love him. Every time I'm feeding Gavin mikey brings him all of his toys, "Here Gawin!" and they all get piled on top of me.

And then there are these pictures of the boys together on the floor. Gavin has some jaundice so we let him sunbathe a lot! And since he's on the floor no.1 and no.2 decide that it's a good time to join him.

And here is our sweet baby. I just really like this picture. What a cutie patoot!

And here is Daddy with the new boy. Mike is such a cute daddy to watch. He love his kiddos so much...and it shows.

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