Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Aleve!

hehehe It's supposed to be alive...but in this case...I think I kinda need the Aleve. Don't get me wrong...I love my kids...but good grief sometimes life is just painful.

"LIFE IS PAIN HIGHNESS! Anyone who says different is selling something."

Mikey is just like his dad...random bloody noses for no reason. He keeps getting them and I have to constantly wash his sheets and pillow/case. Xander, poor boy, can't stop scratching. I've started buying cortazone ten to keep on his skin. And if we can keep his skin a little softer than sandpaper...he'll do something like crawl in the grass outside or scratch his skin...and then he bleeds. It's really sad. Gavin...is lucky to be alive. His brothers love him to death. Mikey is always trying to make him warmer by putting pillows on his face. Yeah...as a general rule...mikey & Gavin are never in the room alone together. The worst thing Xander would do is "hug" him. I have hug in quotations cause it's more of a...lay on top of him...type thing. Those boys just LOVE baby.

Life is difficult...the boys have now started hiding things from me. Well not necessarily hiding them...they just tend to pick up important things and put them elsewhere. Like my keys...or pens, or the remotes, or the clearplay usb cable, or the worst...gavins pacifier. I would die if I actually did lose that. 2 things this house would die without. Gavin's pacifier...and his swing. He'll sleep in his swing for up to 4 hours during the day. (give you one guess as to where he is right now..) And when he gets to sleep in his swing...I actually can do things...if the other two boys happen to be taking their naps (give you one guess as to where they are right now). So for the moment I have some time to myself...but instead of cleaning my house like I should...I'm bloging. meah whatever.

Oh good news! We have harvested our first vegetables out of our garden! Now now...say it right ve-ji-tuh-bulls...now only accent the third syllable. Now say each sylliable in a different tone, ve-JI-tah-BULLS. hehehe

I'll post some pictures soon. The tomatoes have started becoming really ripe. but the thing that we're getting the most of is jalapeƱos. If anyone knows any good recipes let me know. These things are HOT! but if you take out all the ribs and the seeds...then they're just the right amount of kick. I'm going to make jambalaya this week. YUMMY! We made spaghetti on Sunday with fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes too. DELICIOUS! It was truly the BEST spaghetti I've ever had. Everything is growing so much! And it's really fun to cook with garden fresh food. We're hoping to get some fresh bell peppers tonight! WAHOO!

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