Friday, June 25, 2010

typing with your pinkie taped to your ring finger

This is how I've felt since sunday. My awesomely wonderful camera happend to be one of the not so awesome ones. I bout it when the D5000's were first off the line. Well turns out the first batch randomly stops working. Even with a fully charged battery you cant do anything It wont even show you anything on the screen. LAME.

As far as typing without your little finger...ever tried it? it's possible...but it slows you down and you make a TON more mistakes. You really dont realize how much you use it until you try not to. And it's EXTREMELY hard to ignore the urges to use your pinkie. This is kinda how I feel without my Nikon. I have another camera that is no where CLOSE to it's equal. Just a little 8mp point and shoot. Not to mention I now no longer have a video camera because my Nikon is what we've been using. I've had really bad posture all shoulders have been shlumped more often than usual because I think "oh that would be fun to take pictures of!" Then I remember the only one I have is my old olympus. So I've been taking a lot less pictures than normal for me.

And, like having your fingers taped together, it's not the end of the world. And you'll get your pinkie back as soon as you take the tape off. In my case, as soon as Nikon fixes my camera. The main thing that stinks, I need to take Owen's 3 month pictures tomorrow, and Gavin's birthday is on Monday. Chances are the camera wont be back in time for either of those....considering I'm droping it off at the post office today. Looks like I'll just have to use my old one. But hey, thats why I kept it....for just-in-case situations like this

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