Monday, June 14, 2010

Workin it Out

so lately....I've been trying to get back into shape. And slowly...i'm getting there. The thing that I'm noticing the I have to be persistent. Thats really hard to do in a 40min work out when you're only 1/2 way through and your baby starts to cry...I happen to have 4 babies that are prone to crying or getting into trouble when I work out.

Turbo Jam. I am NOT one to buy stuff off of tv. Usually they end up being cheep, and then later you find it at Dollar General for 1/4 the price it was on tv. But I had seen the turbo jam commercials, and considered getting it...until I saw the price. NO ONE was going to get me to spend that much money on a DVD. NU UH! I have many other things I can do with that money....and I can set up my own work out and stick to it without paying ANYTHING. Luckily for me...I have a friend who thought she would like turbo jam. she used it for like a week...and then stopped. So now I have it. It's not meant to get you ripped...which I wouldnt want anyway...just to tone you up.

My main reasons for wanting to work out.

1. Having more energy to play with my kiddos. I'm always getting tired after just a few minutes of rough play.

2. I want my toned body back. Before I was married I was consistently active, now I'm active...just not in the same way.

3. I need a stress reliever. And dancing or working out is a REALLY good way to do that. It helps a TON. Even on the days I dont want to work out, I still do anyway and I'm ALWAYS glad I pulled through.

4. I found this pair of pants at a thrift store. And they look EXACTLY like one of my favorite pairs of pants from Highschool. and they're the same size. (these pants were loose on me then, I just want them to fit now) and boy are they awesome pants! I'll get a picture of them as soon as they fit me.

So here goes EVERYTHING. Trying to work out with kids is rough, but I've been doing it for 3 weeks now, and I've only missed 3 days. I really want to wear those pants on my anniversary in July. And by golly...I'm gonna do it!

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