Thursday, March 13, 2008

Visit to Mom's

Ok well what is the plan for Easter weekend? Mike starts spring break the Monday after Easter, but he still has to work that night. So we'll come down Friday night, and be there till Monday morning. The Xander boy is going to be 1 on Easter as well and I think we should do a strawberry shortcake? Well lets take a poll, what does everyone want? And we'll see what we can come up with. My cousin showed me this cake that you do like a jellyroll. Anyhow it's just a white cake, and then for the "jelly" you mix whipped cream and cream cheese together. Then you put that on top of the cake with strawberries and roll it. It was SSSOOO good. I was thinking I may do that. Any objections?

Let us know when everyone else is planning to be at mom's We love you all!

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