Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tip for today

So I just got the coolest book called Haley's hints. I bought it off of for $5. It has over 2000 hints for everyday home use. I LOVE this book!!!! it has things from cooking tips, to cleaning tips, to storing tips, to things you should always keep in your toolbox. Here are some that I found rather interesting.

When on a picnic, to keep flies off your food, take a stick of mint gum and leave it open on your plate. Most insects HATE mint. This repels some mosquitoes as well.

Run a piece of waxed paper through the can-opening process to keep it operating smoothly. Works with manual can openers too.

Next time, clean your bathroom mirror by smearing shaving cream over the surface and then wiping it off well with a clean cloth. This will prevent fogging up from the steam for several weeks or until you next clean it. Also works well with you glasses to keep them from fogging up when you come inside.

to get water rings off wood, apply mayonnaise liberally over the water ring and leave overnight. Wipe off with a soft dry cloth the next day. That should do the trick.

Shine brass with Worcestershire Sauce!

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