Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moving Update

First off I have to congradulate my wonderful little Gavin boy on getting his first tooth!!! YAY Gavin! (pictures to come later today...or late tonight)

Now on to the moving stuff. So we had a 16ft rental truck reserved for $500 most places it was six hundred somthin so we thought that was a pretty good deal. And we'd just get rid of whatever we didn't need. Then today I got onto the sight again and I found the bigest truck for $159!!!!! So I got it reserved. 5 min later I decided to go back to the sight just to see what the price was...and it had jumped to $680!?!?! But I did change the drop off spot...I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but I'm sure glad I reserved that truck!

So as far as we know, we pick up the 26ft truck here in KC on the 17th a 7:30. Load it all day then head straight down to Springfield. Stay the night at my parents house and leave our car and the kids. Go to TX get our new ward to help us unload. Stay the night in our new home, and head to springfield the next day to drop off the truck and pick up our kids. OH boy. Thats one heck of a week!

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