Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Things That Come in My Back Door *SHUDDER* back door needs replacing rather badly. It's VERY drafty...and by drafty I mean there is a huge opening in it when it's closed. Large enough for june bugs in the summer to fly in, and apparently...large enough for slugs. Ick...I'm holding back a gag right now. Now the slugs in MO are like the first slug I saw. The one pictured on the right, still gross, but small. I was rather releaved when I thought it was just this one. But then I look a little further from the back door, and I found "The Big Nasty" pictured on the left. OH yeah...thats what TX slugs look like people... That is what crawled in through my back door. It's the size of my hand. ICK! Time to call management, and GET MY BACK DOOR REPLACED!

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