Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not hardly Alice

So today I keep thinking about a dumb mistake I made a few months ago. And it's really starting to bug me. I went to Silver Dollar City with my family when Marshall got home, while we were there, Sarah and Nancyann and I were waiting in line for some drinks, and some dumb kid came up and just helped himself and walked off without paying. This kid was larger than me, but he was still just a kid, MAYBE a sophomore. And I sat there and thought, "you should pay for that you little punk" but I didnt say anything and he walked off not being confronted. 4 years ago I no doubt would have said something to that little turkey.

In Alice in Wonderland, the one that came out this year, the Mad Hatter looked at Alice and tells her, "you've lost your Muchness." I cant help but feel like I've lost a little of my muchness. I can make excuse after excuse on why I didnt confront that kid, honestly it scared me a little. He really was bigger than me. (yes yes I know thats lame) Really actually I think thats the only reason why I didnt say anything. I knew that if he wanted to do something to me he could. Only...chances are he wouldnt do anything because a)he was just a dumb highschool kid. b)there were TONS of other people there waiting in line as well. Really the worse thing he could have done was give me a dirty look, and walk off with a "free" drink. Which he did anyway(minus the dirty look) and I feel completely wrong. In Alice in wonderland the people there were confused if they had the right Alice or not. The Caterpillar takes one look at her and says, shes not hardly Alice. But later on through the movie Alice learns some things and becomes brave, smart, and valiant. As shes talking to the caterpillar she asks him why he thought she wasn't Alice. He said, "I said you weren't HARDLY Alice, you're much more Alice now then you were then." Time for me to become Marisa again. I stay home a lot, and haven't really been around people who do dumb/bad/wrong things. So I think I'd forgotten how to confront it. But I promised myself I'm not going to let that happen again.

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