Monday, November 4, 2013


Before I was born she was waiting for me.
A special part of my family tree.
My oldest sister for me to know,
and to be my example as I learn and grow.

Then who could have guessed, as I started to age.
Another sister of mine took center stage.
How lucky was I, to be close to these girls.
One with straight hair and one with curls.

We all shared a room for the longest of years,
Sometimes it was good, sometimes there were tears.
We had days that were happy and days that were sad,
But we stuck it out, through the good and the bad.

Then another sister came, who was tiny and frail,
we all wanted so bad, for her to prevail.
But now shes an angel who lives in the skies,
and watches her sisters with her angel eyes.

We became older, and as friends we did thrive,
and who would have guessed, came sis number five.
The silliest one to join us to date,
She plays and she giggles and really is great.

Just when I thought this was the best there could be,
A new sister joined into our family.
A friend we had known for a very long while,
Married our Biggest Bro and that sure made us smile.

Then I married out to a family, whats more.
There were more sisters there. I had sisters GALORE.
What fun life was now with these sisters of mine.
The way family works is the greatest design.

The days progressed on, and what do you know?
My Hubby's family added a sis to the show.
She married the youngest, now that side was complete.
Full with Funny, and Smart, and the Crafty, and Sweet.

I knew sisters were great, but I hadn't a clue,
that they would enrich my life with the things that they do.
The kindness they show, the talks that we had.
Filled me with joy, and they made my heart glad.

I love all my sisters, and then guess what I got?
In a few short months TWO more joined the lot.
One with bright purple shoes, and a smile so pretty,
Another with skates, and a brain that was witty.

Sisters, oh sisters, you enrich my life so.
The world is brighter, as together we grow.
But we cant forget, my brothers the misters.
Because when they get married, I'll have even MORE sisters!

My Dearest Sisters,
Some of you I have known my whole life, others I have only known a short while. But I want you to know how much you ALL mean to me. Each of you, no matter how long I have known you, have touched my heart in ways you cant even imagine. Each of you is precious to me. Praying for you all by name this past week has, even though we aren't physically together, brought me closer to each of you. All of you are always on my mind. Though I may not be able to see you as often as I would like, just know that I love you. And no matter what happens, or how far apart we may be, you will ALWAYS be my sisters. And that means SO MUCH to me.

I love you all dearly,


  1. Yiu are Amazing Marisa! My sisters have also been on my mind lately, and I've expressed much gratitude for each of you as well. :) Love you so much!!!i'm so blessed to have soany amazing sisters!